Zoombombing gets serious, hackers use children images in Zoom hack of Ohio school board meeting


Unknown hackers Zoombomb a meeting of Ohio school board, send child images to the board officials and parents

Zoombombing is growing in serious proportions. Yesterday we had hackers Zoombombing the South African Parliament meeting and plastering them with explicit images while hurling racial abuses at meeting’s chairwoman, Ms.Modise. Ms.Modise had promised to reporters later that she would never use Zoom again.

Now we have another group of anonymous hackers Zoombombing a school board meeting of The Brecksville-Broadviews Heights School District. The hackers are so emboldened that they are now splashing the Zoom meetings with explicit child pornography images.

The hackers first Zoombomber the meeting between the school board officials and the parents and then proceed to display several seconds of “explicit child pornography” on the screen much to the horror of the officials and the parents.

“The BBHCSD will neither tolerate such reprehensible exploitation of children, not such a blatant attack on our public meetings,” Joell Magyar, Superintendent of Schools, said in an email sent to parents. She called the hack “heinous.”

Magyar added that the board was helping the authorities trace the IP addresses of everyone who attended the meeting. According to the rule in School boards, participants in the meeting were required to register with the board.

“We will find the individuals who selfishly, disgracefully and in the vilest manner possible exploited children and attempted to sabotage our meeting,” Magyar added.

The hackers later shared the screenshots of the Zoombombing on social media.

Magyar warned the students not to watch the screenshots, “Please be advised that sharing child pornography is illegal and considered a felony,” she said.

The school board has now proposed to totally scrap Zoom App and look for an alternative video conferencing tool. Teachers in the district have been asked to “cease from using the Zoom platform as the board identifies different secure options.”

Zoom’s response

Despite all the fanfare, Zoom’s security remains precarious. It says it has integrated different security methods to stop Zoombombing but the attacks are only getting bigger and more emboldened. Despite all the measures, hackers are still easily able to hack into Zoom meetings and create mayhem. This is what Zoom had to say about the latest incident.

“This incident is truly devastating and appalling, and our user policies explicitly prohibit any obscene, indecent, illegal or violent activity or content on the platform.  We are looking into this specific incident to ensure the appropriate action is taken. Zoom strongly condemns such behavior and recently updated several features to help our users more easily protect their meetings. We have enabled meeting passwords and virtual waiting rooms by default for users enrolled in our K-12 school program, as well as our Free Basic and Single Pro users. For users enrolled in our K-12 program, we have also updated the default screen share settings to ensure teachers are the only ones who can share content in class . For all users, we have made the Zoom Meeting ID less visible to help prevent unintended sharing, and we have added a new Security icon to the Zoom meeting controls for all hosts to help them quickly access in-meeting security features, including the ability to remove participants and lock meetings, among other actions. In the latest version of Zoom, there is a new ‘Report a User’ feature in the Security icon for meeting hosts and co-hosts to flag users, who are misusing the platform, to our Trust & Safety team. We encourage users to report any incidents of this kind either to Zoom so we can take appropriate action or directly to law enforcement authorities.”

A big statement explaining what Zoom is doing for security. It looks like Zoom is trying to absolve themselves from being unable to implement stricter security measures in Zoom App.


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