Zoom App India may sue JioMeet for copying their UI


Zoom says it is considering taking legal action against JioMeet for copying its user interface (UI)

After the world was infected by the dreaded coronavirus pandemic, one App stood out. Zoom became the go-to video conferencing App not just for corporates but also for schools, colleges, universities, families. The need to stay in touch remotely during the quarantine period due to COVID-19 infections fueled Zoom’s popularity. In the same vein, many App makers like Facebook Rooms, Google Meet, Webex, Slack, etc competed with Zoom. Indian billionaire, Mukesh Ambani owned Jio also launched its own, JioMeet video conferencing App to grab the huge Indian video conferencing pie.

JioMeet powered through the Jio mobile connections became hugely popular among Indians. The free App+clusterfree interface made it a worthwhile competitor to Zoom App. However, Zoom makers claim that JioMeet has copied Zoom’s user interface(UI), icons, features, and app design.

Sameer Raje, India Head Zoom Communications, said that he was “shocked” at the striking similarity between Zoom and JioMeet’s UI while speaking to Economic Times.  “What our competitors do is their strategy… In my all-hands meet, I told my team, it doesn’t matter how an individual or a corporate reacts to what the competition is doing,” he told ET. When asked about whether Zoom was filing a case against Jio for copying it’s UI, Raje said there have been a “lot of discussions internally. I would not like to comment on this because it is a matter for my legal team to look into it. I will leave it to them.”

Raje said that Zoom was ready for the competition and the rising popularity of JioMeet didn’t worry them, “We knew it was coming. It’s fine, it is not the first time Zoom has faced competition. Our strength has been our products and technology, and our focus is on customers. What our competitors do is their strategy.”

Is Zoom App Chinese?

Zoom has taken a lot of pain to make it plain that it was a United States headquartered company with no connections to China. The CEO of the Eric Yuan is a Chinese-born US Citizen while the CFO is Kelly Steckelberg.

Raje categorically says that they do not share any data with China, “It is not a question of being worried, but it is a question of putting the truth out there because we believe there is a lot of misinformation. People feel Zoom is of Chinese origin and we share data with the neighboring country, etc. We are an American company and we do not share data with any government. We have two data centers in India; people tend to forget that,” Raje told ET.

However, there were a few data security-related issues between Zoom and the Indian government. Raje said they were ironing out the differences with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) and the Ministry of Home Affairs. He confirmed that technical information about Zoom’s data centers was under discussion. “We are not sharing data, we are sharing technicalities of our platform, how it operates,” he said.

It remains to be seen if Zoom does file a lawsuit against JioMeet for intellectual property and copyright infringement. Fighting a legal battle against world’s 7th richest man could be one step too many for Zoom.


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