YouTube clone NewPipe updated to v0.19.3, now runs on Android Smart TVs and Firestick


YouTube clone NewPipe 0.19.3 released; now supports YouTube Music and runs on Android smart TVs and Firestick.

YouTube remains one of the top video hosting App on desktop and smartphones (iPhone and Android). On average, a person spends at least some part of the day watching videos on YouTube. But ads on YouTube are pretty irksome. We have also seen how some of the ads may not be ideal for watching with your kids or parents around. Also, many of the features are only available to premium YouTube subscribers who pay Google monthly fees.

A way around this is to install third-party YouTube clones which are the real deal but without the ads and with all the premium features. Vanced and NewPipe are the two YouTube clone apps that stand out. Both are YouTube clones with premium YouTube features and without the irksome ads. Now NewPipe has been updated to version 0.19.3. The good news is that now you no longer have to run YouTube forks on your Android TV which does not have support for the official YouTube App. You can straight away install NewPipe updated App on your Android smart TV and it runs seamlessly bringing you all the video content and premium YouTube features.

What’s new with NewPipe 0.19.3?

For the uninitiated, NewPipe is an open-source YouTube clone that is available to Android smartphone users as an APK. Unlike other YouTube clones, NewPipe does not use the official Youtube API to scrape metadata from YouTube. Instead, it uses its own scrapping tool called Newpipe Extractor to scrap data from the official YouTube servers. This way, NewPipe is able to bring you top YouTube content without the irksome ads.

The NewPipe has now been updated to version 0.19.3. As usual, the latest NewPipe version has a lot of bug fixes. Other than that, the new version has support for Youtube Music. Now, NewPipe users can directly search for music from the app itself without downloading the official YouTube Music App.

Other features that NewPipe v 0.19.3 brings support for Android Smart TVs and Firestick. The latest version also supports 4K resolution though this option is disabled by default and you have to change the same in the settings. The latest version doesn’t support HDR.

Download Newpipe 0.19.3:

You can download the NewPipe Version 0.19.3 from here. The latest version of NewPipe is available on F-Droid repositories and Github as well. However, you will have to wait for the devs to update the website with the latest version.


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