You will no longer need your mobile number for registering on Signal


Privacy oriented Signal messaging service doesn’t require users to register and use their mobile numbers as identifiers any more

Signal is a cross-platform encrypted messaging service that offers messaging and chatting services to users. They can send and receive files, voice notes, images, and videos as well as make voice and video calls using the Signal App. Signal has always prided itself on providing the best privacy among all chat and messaging clients. Now it is taking one more step to provide additional privacy to Signal users. You will no longer need your mobile number as identifier for Signal App.

Signal launched a new feature called “Signal PINs” which will provide total secrecy to users. All messaging services use mobile numbers as identifiers which makes it easy for others to identify the person. Signal will henceforth allow users to use pins instead of mobile numbers.

The new Signal feature can be enabled by going to the Signal Settings section, under Privacy, and the Signal PIN option. Once enabled, users will be asked to create a PIN code that will be associated with their account. The PIN can be anything from a four-digit number to a long alpha-numerical string.

The PIN code will be used to encrypt profile information, account settings, and local contacts, and then upload a copy of the data on Signal’s servers. If the users lose their smartphone, the PIN will be used as the identifier to help the user move to a new smartphone.

Signal says that they won’t have any access to the user’s PIN so in case the user forgets his/her PIN, it will be virtually unrecoverable. To help users remember the PIN, Signal plans to prompt users to re-enter their PIN at regular intervals, which will get less frequent over time.

Signal said that the PIN can also be used as Registration Lock. However, the registration lock is not permanent and expires after seven days of inactivity. Once the registration lock expires, users will be able to register their Signal account on a new device, even if they forgot their PIN.


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