You can use this Deepfake tool to turn into Elon Musk of Tesla on Zoom and Skype video calls


This open-source Deepfake tool lets you be Elon Musk or Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, or Eminem during Zoom and Skype video meetings in real-time

How would you like to appear as turtle-necked Steve Jobs in a Zoom or Skype conference call? Find the idea silly? The idea is indeed doable thanks to a deepfake tool available easily on the Internet. A deepfake tool called Avatarify is openly available and runs on Skype and Zoom video call apps. Avatarify face-swaps your own face with any celebrity of your choice during live video calls. Furthermore, it is open-source so anyone with coding knowledge can repurpose it for good or malicious use.

The Avatarify tool looks like a fun tool to use during mundane office video calls on Zoom or Skype Apps. Spicing up the drab calls by appearing as Elon Musk or Bill Gates can raise the fun quotient a notch during the video call. But possibilities of misuse of the tool are tremendous.

How does Deepfake tool Avatarify work?

Deepfake In Video Calls Via Avatarify

The tool Avatarify can superimpose someone else’s face onto yours in real-time, during a video conference. It was created by a programmer, Ali Aliev to create a realtime avatar during a video conference. Avatarify uses the open-source code from the “First Order Motion Model for Image Animation” to create real-time superimpositions of the celebrity you chose.

Normal face-swapping algorithms or deepfakes as they are called, need to be trained on the face you want to swap. This is done using several images of the face you’re trying to animate. Avatarify doesn’t need that but does the swapping in real-time by training the algorithm on similar categories of the faces of the celebrity available on the Internet.

Aliev told Motherboard that the First Order Model “worked fast enough to drive an avatar real-time.” And he was able to develop a prototype within a couple of hours.

How Aliev used Elon Musk Deepfake in a Zoom video conference

Aliev used Avatarify to impersonate as Elon Musk, who joins the video conference accidentally. You can see the video and the reactions of other chat participants to Aliev becoming Elon Musk in the video conference.

Here is another Avatariy demo video where the chat participant is deepfaked as Steve Jobs

As said above, Avatarify is open-source and available on GitHub. You can run it on a Windows, macOS, and Linux PC/laptop. You can also make your own additions/alterations to the code if you are a programmer. Be sure to keep your work to yourself as the this tool can be misused to impersonate someone from your inner circle to steal personal identifiable information. Also, make sure you have a top-quality PC/laptop with top of the line specs to run the App.


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