You can turn your iPhone 7 into a Linux smartphone using this OS hack


You can make your iPhone 7 a Linux smartphone with the postmarketOS Hack and checkra1n jailbreak tool

Linux smartphone are the latest in thing. More and more smartphone manufacturers are moving towards making Linux smartphones. But they are expensive so some bright minds thought of the idea of converting your old iPhone 7 into a Linux smartphone.

If you are geek minded and have risk-taking flair, you can actually create your very own Linux smartphone at home without spending hundreds of dollars using this method. You have to install a Linux hack called postmarketOS on your iPhone 7 using the checkra1n jailbreak tool.

The only problem with the Linux on iPhone 7 is that you have to make do with the command line structure. The developers are still working on the GUI so obviously you have to type in Linux commands to run the smartphone which can be a heck of a job. But then, you could be the coolest kid around.

Hacking postmasterOS on an iPhone 7 using checkra1n jailbreak tool

A developer, Onny had made a post on detailing how you can port postmasteros to iPhone 7. The website has detailed installation instructions for those who want to try the hack on their own iPhone 7. Onny used the package manager pacman on ArchLinux to install the required dependencies. You can use other distros as well. If you’re using ArchLinux you can add a custom repository.

Onny says he will bring many more Linux distros to Apple devices. “I hope this will bring further progress to custom Linux operating systems on Apple devices. There are already experiments with dual booting and partitioning. So maybe it could be possible in the future to get persistent storage on the phone for Linux systems!” the developer says.

He also warns of the risk of bricking your iPhone 7 while doing the hack. “Be careful, the following steps are considered safe to use but this is still experimental and could brick your phone. Use it at your own risk!”

Running ArchLinux on your iPhone 7 is cool but without the GUI, it could be a hard way to run commands through the command line. If you are not into programming, the command line commands can get pretty frustrating. However, there are many developers working on bringing the classic Linux GUI to Linux smartphones.

Onny hopes for a day when you could have a choice of choosing Android, Linux, or iOS on your smartphone. Now, that is a utopian thought!!


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