You can now use Biometric Authentication to autofill credit card CVV in Chrome Browser


Chrome Browser will now allow users to autofill credit card details including CVV through Biometric Authentication

Google announced many security features in the Autofill feature in Chrome browsers. One of them is to control the auto-filling of your Credit Card CVV number only after biometric authentication.

Up until now, Chrome would autofill the credit card details on any payment gateway website after asking user confirmation when auto-filling a form. Now, Google’s Chrome browsers will support biometric authentication for this autofill feature.

How will the new Chrome biometric authentication work?

In the latest Chrome versions, the user can enable biometric authentication such as fingerprint or retina scan for the Autofill option. Once, enabled, the Chrome user will need to provide the CVC only the first time they use the credit card. After the feature is enabled, next time the user visits a payment gateway website, he/she just has to verify the autofill through a fingerprint scan or retina scan. The credit card and CVV details will be automatically filled in once the Chrome users’ biometrics is verified.

Google today announced a series of security and ease-of-use improvements for the Autofill feature in Chrome. The new features are designed to ease auto-filling forms in a secure way on any website. Google says the new biometric authentication Autofill feature will become more secure while using credit cards.

“Biometric authentication is optional. You can choose to confirm your card with its CVC and you can also turn this feature on and off in Chrome Settings at any time,” Google explains.

Google says that the new security feature in the Chrome browser uses the W3C standard WebAuthn to ensure that users are securely enrolled for biometric authentication. The biometric data will also be saved locally on the mobile or laptop/computer in an encrypted format. “Biometric information never leaves your device,” Google added.

The biometric authentication feature for Google Chrome has been rolled out to Windows and Mac. Android smartphones will get the feature in a couple of weeks.

Google is also making it easy for users having multiple passwords. A new feature in Chrome for Android smartphones is called touch-to-fill. Google Chrome for Android password manager will automatically present the saved accounts for the accessed website, for increased convenience. “It allows for one-handed sign-in without requiring you to scroll to the respective form fields to choose an account,” Google stated.


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