You can now recharge Jio users and earn commission using JioPOS Lite App


Jio Launches JioPOS Lite making it easy for you to recharge your friends and dear ones and earn commission

Sitting home can be quite profiting for Jio subscribers. If you are a Jio subscriber, you can use a new App called JioPOS Lite and recharge the Jio connections of your friends, loved ones and relatives and earn a neat commission in the process.

Jio has launched a new JioPOS Lite community recharge app which will help you earn commission as you recharge for others. This app is available on Google Play Store and it allows any individual to become a Jio Partner and perform prepaid recharges for other Jio subscribers and earn money. The fun part is that the App registration process is quite easy and requires no hardcopy of documents, neither does it need any physical verification. After becoming a Jio Partner via this JioPOS Lite app, any user can recharge the accounts of other Jio customer and earn commission.

Earlier, if you recharged someone’s Jio prepaid account using MyJio App or Jio website, you didn’t receive a commission on those recharges. But now with this App, you can help others in these depressing lockdown times and earn a commission for your hard work.

Now for the fun part. Jio will offer you a 4.16 percent commission for recharging other Jio Prepaid connections. This is Rs.4.16 for every Rs.100.00 that you recharge. The JioPOS App has a dashboard that lets you see your for the last 20 days. Once you install the app and give it the necessary permissions, JioPOS Lite will ask you to register and become a Jio Partner. You will have to have a Jio number to be eligible to become a Jio Partner. After the registration process is done, the app will ask you to load money into your wallet. The denominations offered are Rs. 500, Rs. 1,000, and Rs. 2,000. On every Rs. 100.00 recharged by you, you will get Rs. 4.166 extra added to your account.

The JioPOS App has a comprehensive FAQ section informing users of all the available recharges. The app was first spotted by a user named DJ Roy on the DreamDTH forums. JioPOS Lite app can be download for free for Android from Google Play Store. The company will launch the iOS App for iPhones soon.

JioPOS App comes on the back of Airtel’s similar Earn from Home scheme which offers a 4 percent cash back on every recharge done by Airtel subscriber from the Airtel app. Enrolling as a Superhero in the Earn from Home scheme will allow users to start earning 4 percent on every recharge. So if you recharge someone’s Airtel prepaid account with Rs. 149 you will have to pay on Rs.143 and earn a Rs.6 commission which your friend gets a Rs.149 full recharge from Airtel.

Fun times for recharging…


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