You can now protect your PC/laptop at Bios level with new Dell SafeBIOS App


Dell Launches New BIOS Security Tool for detecting root-level attacks called Dell SafeBIOS

One of the targets of cybercriminals and hackers is always your root. Access to the rootkit gives the hackers uncompromising power over your PC/laptop. If malware has infected your Bios, be sure it will be under the control of cybercriminal either to siphon of personally identifiable information like your bank accounts, email accounts, social media accounts or your PC/laptop has been turned into a zombie/botnet to do the bidding of the hacker.

Now Dell has come out with a tool to spot specifically that. Dell has released a new BIOS security tool that is specifically aimed at detecting root-level attacks.  Dell explained that this tool can come in handy especially as more companies have started working remotely.

The Dell SafeBIOS Events & Indicators of Attack (IoA) can detect attacks at BIOS level and give you an intrusion alert. “Organizations need the ability to detect when a malicious actor is on the move, altering BIOS configurations on endpoints as part of a larger attack strategy. SafeBIOS now provides the unique ability to generate Indicators of Attack on BIOS configurations, including changes and events that can signal an exploit,” Dell said in a presser.

“When BIOS configuration changes are detected that indicate a potential attack, security and IT teams are quickly alerted in their management consoles, allowing for swift isolation and remediation. SafeBIOS Events & IoA provides IT teams the visibility into BIOS configuration changes and analyzes these for potential threats – even during an ongoing attack.”

The App can be used by Sysadmins as well as individuals to block attacks at the BIOS level. It will also give an intrusion alert giving you the opportunity to minimize the damage of a breach. The new app can be installed today on Dell commercial PCs as part of the Dell Trusted Device solution. You can read more about Dell SafeBios here.

The Dell SafeBIOS also warns the user if the BIOS has been tampered with indicating the presence of a backdoor to your PC/laptop.


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