Xiaomi to release an new version its MIUI for Indian users without preinstalled banned apps


Xiaomi India confirms the new version of MIUI will come without the preinstalled banned apps

Xiaomi Android Smartphones have been the most selling smartphones in India last year. As you all know the border conflict between India and China has led to multiple campaigns that resulted in banning Chinese products in India. After border tensions rising up, the Indian Government imposed a ban over 59 Chinese apps that were found leaking personal data. As Xiaomi comes from China, the smartphones from the brand have pre-installed apps that are banned in India.

Looking forward to the Indian Smartphone market Xiaomi India has now announced that it will launch a new version of MIUI that will come without the pre-installed banned apps. The company confirmed the news by a tweet using the Xiaomi India Twitter handle.

We want to clarify that none of the apps blocked by the Indian Government are available for access on any Xiaomi phones launched in India. Further, we are developing a new version of MIUI that will be built without pre-installation of any of the blocked apps.”


Along with the pre-installed banned apps, the company also said that the MIUI Cleaner app is not using the Clean Master app which is banned by Indian Govt. “Regarding the Clean Master issue, please note that ‘Clean Master’ is a common industry name, used by multiple app developers. MIUI has its own Cleaner app and we are not using the Clean Master app that has been blocked by the Indian Govt.” Xiaomi

Talking about the user’s data the company said that 100% of Indian user data stays in India.”We continue to comply and adhere to all privacy and security requirements under Indian law.” Xiaomi, “Since 2018, 100% of data from Indian users is stored on services located in India and none of this data is shared with anyone outside of India”

Speaking to Android Authority, Xiaomi confirmed that all of its phones running MIUI in India will get the new version. Besides this, all upcoming Xiaomi phones will also carry the new MIUI software.

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