Xiaomi to introduce movable camera’s to get more accurate wide-angle shots


Xiaomi is developing a new movable camera module that will be placed on the back of the smartphone and have a driving component to make it movable to get accurate shots

It is amazing to live in an era where even the minute changes could bring about a new tech revolution. Last week we reported, Microsoft patented a tech that brings touch control to all Windows 10 non-touch devices.  Now, the Chinese smartphone, Xiaomi has filed a patent for a new technique that could revolutionize the way we take photographs.

Xiaomi’s patent could make your cameras practically movable and get a sort of 3-dimensional panoramic shot. The patent filed by Xiaomi states that a camera module will carry a first camera and a second camera with a movable driving component. Both the cameras are connected with a shaft and placed symmetrically in the camera module.

According to the patent, the smartphone owner can use the module, and the cameras to pivot to widen their field of view. The two shots can then be stitched together creating a wider-angle image. The below image is documented with the patent and shows how the cameras would work with the new module.

Xiaomi to introduce movable camera's to get more accurate wide-angle shots

We also have a dummy created by LetsGoDigital based on the patent which has only two cameras at the hack of the smartphones.” This technology also makes it possible to capture ‘continuous multi-frame images’, whether or not in the form of video recordings, where the tilting camera ensures smooth, moving images – without having to move the device yourself. Although the two cameras on the patent images are placed horizontally from each other, it is clear from the enclosed documentation that this technology can also be used with a vertically placed camera system.” LetsGoDigital

Xiaomi to introduce movable camera's to get more accurate wide-angle shots


You must know that smartphones are able to take ultra-wide shots with one camera, while this module patented by Xiaomi requires two identical cameras to capture wide-angle scenes. So it is clear that the company would require more camera’s on the board to get a dedicated zoom and macro shooter on the device.

The company states in the patent documentation that the growth of the photography skills using the smartphone cameras has seen major growth and Xiaomi wants to enrich this dedication of its users by implementing this new technology which will help users to take more accurate wide-angle shots.

You can check the patent documentation filed by Xiaomi from here.

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