Xiaomi Mi Flashtool New Version


Xiaomi user certainly already familiar with these tools, yups true mi flashtool, this tool is very useful for users Xiaomi in because this tool you can use to do the flashing bahakan rooting and installing cwm can be done, and a lot of excess miflashtool too, miflashtool usually used to fix problems with software devices that let you use rom rom distributor you can use this tool to flash to flash rom / firmware official of xiamoi which can be found in mi.com, can also improve device bootloop, devices forgot pattern, brick and many others.

Download the new version of Xiaomi Mi Flashtools Download
Download Mi PC Suite Download


– I recommend you to use Windows 64 Bits for Mi’s flash tools
– For those who do not have PCs can use the Windows 64 Bits mi flash tool version 32 bit and 64 bit read the article that we will provide
– If you are using Windows 10 to make the process of flashing please disable Driver Signature feature first.


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