Xiaomi is adding back tap gestures like Google’s Pixel phones and Apple’s iOS 14 to its MIUI 12


Xiaomi to introduce back tap gestures like Google’s Pixel and Apple’s iOS 14 to its MIUI 12 based smartphones

Xiaomi launched the MIUI 12 Beta program back in May and the company has now started to release its MIUI 12 to its Flagship smartphones. The Xiaomi MIUI 12 comes with multiple features like New Icons and Animations, Slo-fie (Front camera – Slow-motion support), Improved AI Features, Battery Optimisations, Optimization for 90Hz Refresh Rate, Application Openings, Recent tab, etc.

As reported by XDA Developers, the Chinese smartphone company has now added the back tap gestures like Google’s Pixel phones and Apple’s iOS 14 to its MIUI 12 based smartphones. “XDA Senior Member and our ever-reliable tipster kacskrz have spotted code within the latest MIUI 12 beta builds that suggests that Xiaomi is also working on a feature utilizing taps on the back of the device.” XDA Developers

Below are some processes by which the double-tap gesture can be enabled to:

  • Dismiss timer
  • Launch camera
  • Launch Google Assistant
  • Play/pause media
  • Collapse status bar
  • Silence incoming phone calls
  • Snooze alarms
  • Unpin notifications
  • Perform a “user-selected action”

The gesture works as double taps or triple taps and can have different actions assigned to both of them. The code found in the MIUI 12 says that the back tap gesture is in active development. Kacskrz could also manage to surface the new feature’s settings, but these did not work on his Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 yet.

Taking about the back tap gestures on iOS 14, allows users to tap on the back of the smartphone to launch apps, activate the torch, or wake up Siri, and the whole thing works even when a case is on. The Back Tap feature will support multiple gestures, just like the iPhone, so these actions can be configured with double taps or triple taps.

However, the company is yet to announce about adding the back tap gestures in its MIUI 12 smartphones. For more news on tech and cybersecurity stay tuned on Android Rookies by subscribing to our newsletter from here.


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