Woman who broke CoronaVirus lockdown in Spain takes of clothes after being caught (video)


A woman removes clothes and hops on a police car after breaking Spain’s coronavirus restrictions

The current depressing CoronaVirus pandemic has brought out good and worse out of humanity. People are locked down across the world against their will to avoid the spread of the contagion. We have people going out of their way to help stranded and poor people with food and blankets. Some good samaritans like film producer Manish Mundra are sending free PPE (Personal protective equipment) kits to doctors and nurses across India. While others are making sure the ex-pat and migrant population don’t suffer due to lockdown.

At the same time, we have religious fanatics gathering disregarding government orders and epidemic conditions, people infected with COVID-19 spitting on doctors and nurses and cases of quarantine victims running away further spreading disease.

But what has happened in Spain is worse of the lot. A 41-year-old woman who was caught breaking the government imposed lockdown was apparently angry at the authorities and removed her clothes in protest. Further, she jumped on to the police patrol car and staged a freakshow for the police who were trying desperately to clothe her.

A naked woman jumped on top of a police car in Spain after a court appearance for violating the country’s coronavirus stay-at-home mandate, according to reports. The incident happened in Torremolinos in southern Spain. A curious onlooker, Diario AS filmed the entire episode and posted on YouTube for the world to see.

According to sources, the unidentified Spaniard was taken into custody for breaking the lockdown orders issued by the magistrate for CoronaVirus. She was released on bail post her arrest. After release, the Spaniard removed here her clothes and hopped on top of the police cruiser parked outside the police station. Three police officers were able to take her back into custody and she was taken to a hospital for an evaluation.

Strange times indeed…


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