Wistron to make upcoming Apple’s iPhone 12 in India


Apple’s iPhone 12 to be made by Wistron in India, will be available for sale from mid-2021

Foxconn Chairman, Young Liu had said during the 2020 Q2 earnings call that manufacturing in China could shift to India but no one had thought that it would occur so soon. Apple’s upcoming iPhone 12 will be soon be manufactured exclusively in India and will be available for sale in mid-2021.

As September nears, all eyes are on Apple’s fabled iPhone launch event. This year, the iPhone 12 release event may be delayed by a week or so due to issues with iPhone 12 screens. However, the iPhone 12 could also mean a major change in terms of manufacturing. According to reports, Apple will produce iPhone 12 exclusively in India beginning with mid-2021. The reports state that Wistron will be overseeing the iPhone 12 manufacturing process at a new facility near Bengaluru.

According to the report, Apple and Wistron have been working on this change for quite some time, and more recently, trial production of the iPhone started at the new plant. Wistron is looking to hire as many as 10,000 skilled workers in India to meet Apple’s iPhone 12 production estimates.

While the new plant would focus exclusively on the iPhone 12, Wistron will also continue to make other iPhones too, including the iPhone SE. Wistron has been manufacturing older iPhone models for Apple over the years.

It is not known how Foxconn would be collaborating in the Wistron/Apple iPhone 12 venture but in all probability, all parts will be supplied by the Taiwanese company. Incidentally, Wistron is also a Taiwanese OEM company that earlier made Acer laptops, ChromeOS laptops, tablets, and other gadgets. The decision is obviously a major blow to China, but it’s certainly not coming as a big surprise.

Wistron had started the hiring process for the iPhone 12 manufacturing facility at Naraspura in Bengaluru last month. Wistron is investing $750 million in setting up the iPhone 12 facility which could begin operation in October 2020.

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