How to create a Windows 10 Recovery drive of your PC/Laptop?


Here is how you can create a Windows 10 Recovery drive of your PC/Laptop?

Microsoft has added a new feature to create a recovery drive using a USB drive to troubleshoot and reset your computer when your computer is in serious condition. This new feature was launched in the Windows 8 Operating system and has come all the way to Windows 10 too. If you do not have a USB drive to create a Windows 10 recovery disk, you can use a CD or DVD to create a system repair disc. Microsoft Windows 10 offers both ways for recovering the Windows 10 OS.

In some situations, Windows does not read and rejects the restore your computer operation, in this case, the Windows 10 boot repair disk allows you to reinstall Windows 10. If your system crashes before you made a recovery drive, you can create a Windows 10 recovery USB disk from another computer to boot the computer having problems. However, the recovery drive will not work across different versions of Windows 10. In other words, you cannot use a Windows 8 recovery disk to restore Windows 10, nor can you use a recovery drive made by Windows 10 64-bit to boot a 32-bit computer.

Before starting it is worth knowing that the recovery drive might bring Windows 10 back to a bootable state, but all your personal files and applications will be lost. So let’s go to how you can create a recovery drive of your Windows 10 PC/Laptop?

How to create a Windows 10 Recovery drive?

  1. First of all, you need to have an empty disk or a USB drive that you want to convert into a recovery drive, insert that drive in your PC, and Format the drive.
  2. Now press the Windows button of your computer and then type Recovery and then choose the option ‘Create a Recovery Drive’.
  3. Now just select yes to the admin access popup which appears there and check the option ‘Back up system files to the recovery drive’ and click on ‘Next’.
  4. Now on the next step, select the USB flash drive and click on ‘Next’
  5. Now the recovery disk process will start and it will take some time.
  6. After completion, you can safely remove the external drive!! Done.

The recovery drive of your windows is ready. Now, whenever your OS gets corrupted, you can use this recovery drive to boot into the operating system.

This is the best option to create a recovery file of your Windows 10 PC but if you are still uncomfortable with this way, then you can download a third-party application that can create a recovery disk in just a few clicks. For more news on tech and cybersecurity stay tuned on Android Rookies by following us on Google News.


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