Windows 10 19041.84 update breaking Disk Cleanup tool, Here is the troubleshooter


Disk Cleanup breaks up in many PC/laptops running on Windows 10 Version 2004 build 19041.84, Microsoft releases a troubleshooter

Microsoft’s Windows 10 2004 update is proving to be more painful for both Microsoft and the users. When Microsoft released the Windows 10 version 2004, or May 2020 mega update, it came with many bugs and flaws which were fixed by through a set of patches delivered on Patch Tuesdays. However, some of these patches like the one which upgraded Windows 10 2004 laptops/PCs to build 19041.84 broke the Disk Cleanup tool.

The Disk Cleanup tool malfunction after upgrading to Build 19041.84 was so acute that according to Microsoft it often broke down laptops and PCs to the point where they ended up unable to boot. “Some devices might fail to boot if Disk Cleanup runs after installing the Windows version 19041.21 update,” Microsoft security bulletin says. This happens because installing the Windows 10 May 2020 Update build 19041.84 and simultaneously running the Disk Cleanup Tool broke some critical system files or DLLs.

Instead of automatically putting an upgrade block as it did with the Thunderbolt dock issue, Microsoft has released a troubleshooter fix for the issue. The Disk Cleanup Tool troubleshooter works automatically on PC/laptops which are impacted by the broken DLLs. The troubleshooter temporarily disables the automatic running of Disk Cleanup until devices install the Windows 10 2004 version build 19041.84. Though you can’t manually use the troubleshooter, you can see if your laptop/PC has run the same.

Check recommended troubleshooting history to see if this troubleshooter has been run on your device by going to Start  Settings  Update & Security  > Troubleshoot  View troubleshooting history.


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