Why is Google sucking up to the Chinese regime


Google Play removes ‘Remove China Apps’ App and many others:- Why is Google sucking up to China

Google seems to be playing China games. We had reported how YouTube is barring the Chinese equivalent of the communist bandit” (共匪) from comments. Google followed it up by removing negative reviews for the TikTok short video uploading App on Google Play Store. Users had downgraded TikTok from 4.7 rating to just 1.3 rating last week for its slack moderation policy. Google in its own wisdom removed the negative ratings and restored TikToks rating to the earlier 4.7 stars.

An App called Remove China Apps was gaining popularity in India riding on Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s call of using local products and services to revive the coronavirus torn economy. It also helped that China has been making unwarranted incursions into Indian territory in the Northern region. The Remove China Apps quickly become the top downloaded App on Google Play Store with a 4.8-star rating. It had been downloaded by 5 million Android smartphone users with StatCounter saying it was being used by 95 percent of Android smartphone users in India. That is huge by any standards.

However, Google removed this popular App citing violation of its Deceptive Behaviour policy.

The explanation given by Google is a farce and legalese to say we don’t like your App because it hurts the feelings of China and its communist masters.

We also have reports of Google’s Voice Typing software censoring phrases about the Falun Gong religious movement, which is banned by the Chinese government. Chicago resident Sharon Wehrwein recently shared a video showing that Google Voice Typing for Simplified Chinese blocked the word “Falun” each time Wehrwein gave voice command to type phrases about “Falun Gong” practice.

The video shows Wehrwein trying to voice-type phrases “Falun Gong,” “Falun Dafa,” “Zhuan Falun” and “Falun Dafa is wonderful,” on her Samsung S9 smartphone, but each time, the word “Falun” in those phrases was replaced with “****”.

Here is the video shared by a China regime critic, Jennifer Zeng,

It absolutely makes no sense for Google to either block Communist Bandit on YouTube, remove negative ratings for TikTok, remove Remove China Apps from Google Play Store or bar words like Falun from its Voice Typing software. But still, it is doing it despite the fact that Google is banned in China.

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Google’s main product Google Search has been banned from China since 2012 and Google has been trying to re-enter the huge market. It seems that all of the above efforts are being done by Google honchos to please the Chinese communist regime so Google can re-enter the world’s most populous nation.

Remove China Apps – Download APK from here.

What’s your opinion about this?

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