What is Google Nearby Share? How to share files using Google Nearby Share?


Here is everything about Google Nearby and how you can use it for file and messages sharing

The technology super giant Google released an amazing service known as Google Nearby that allows users to discover nearby devices or contextual information without an app. There are three types of these interactions: nearby messages, communication, and notifications.

Nearby Message service helps discover and exchange information with other devices, without having to be on the same local network.

Communications is about bringing nearby users together digitally. This could be for data transfers, multi-screen gaming, or other kinds of sharing.

Google Nearby Notifications send location-specific notifications to users, no app install required. These come in the form of secure URLs

Google last year named the service as “Fast Share,” after some time it was renamed to “Nearby Sharing” and now finally it’s just “Nearby Share.” The feature is getting very close to a public release as Google has confirmed it’s rolling out through Play Services beta.  Users can opt for the service via Google Play Services Public Beta Program. The tech giant plans to launch the feature for Android 6+ devices, along with other platforms.

“We’re currently conducting a beta test of a new Nearby Share feature that we plan to share more information on in the future,” Google told Android Police. “Our goal is to launch the feature with support for Android 6+ devices as well as other platforms.”

According to XDA developers, Google’s Nearby Share shows up differently depending on what you’re sharing. You will always see “Nearby Share” in the list of available apps to share with, but sometimes there will be a shortcut at the top of the sheet next to the “Copy” button. The first time you select Nearby Share you will be asked to turn it on.

As the feature is still in the development it is not available to everyone but if you want to test the feature then you can sign up in the beta program of the Google play services. Moreover, the feature has also been spotted on the latest Chrome OS, this means you will also be able to share files and messages with Chromebook users too.

Also, you can use the Google-based feature on Windows via Google Chrome, which will be available in the near future. It’s also worth noting that while Google Chrome on the stable channel (v84.0.4147.105) does show the Nearby Sharing flag on my system, it doesn’t open up the chrome://nearby page yet.

The company has not yet revealed when will the service be officially launched and available to everyone. To stay updated on tech and cybersecurity news you can subscribe to our newsletter from here.


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