What is Deep Nude? How can your images on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/TikTok be manipulated using Deep Nude


Here is how your day-to-day images on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram and TikTok can be photoshopped to look like nude

You are taking a Twitter, Facebook or Instagram challenge by posting your image on social media. Beware! there is a criminal prowling on the Internet who uses this very image to photoshop your face with someone’s nude body. This can then be used to shame you publicly or even blackmail you if you are pliable. The photos are morphed using artificial intelligence on a website called DeepNude and used by criminals to make NSFW content, catfish accounts or blackmail people.

What is DeepNude?

Imagine you post your image on Facebook updating your friends about the new dress you purchased. Criminals can download this photo and upload it to a website called DeepNude. The website uses a simple Artificial Intelligence algorithm to generate nude pictures of clothed people. The website requires a user to upload any picture and within seconds generates a nude image. Women are specifically targetted by such cyber criminals.

The website was first reported by authorities in 2019, for creating morphed pictures of clothed people as nude and shut down. It is now making a comeback and your images on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok or any other social media are fair game.

The Mumbai Police are already aware of this new threat and have issued guidelines for users. A Mumbai cyber police officer warned, “Recent trends like the ‘Saree Challenge’, where women upload their pictures on their social media accounts and tag their friends, creating a chain, presents endless opportunities to criminal elements to prey on them using websites like Deep Nude. It is best to have privacy settings that do not allow strangers access to pictures.”

The DeepNude seems to have caught on with nearly 3 websites offering similar services on the Internet. It is left up to you to make your images private by using Privacy Setting so that only your near and dear ones can see the image. Also, resist from posting images on social media till these Deep Nude websites are busted


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