What is a Bricked Android Phone and its Symptoms


A bricked Android phone has a single and obvious symptom – it will not turn on! If you have bricked your phone and it isn’t booting up, then sadly it is the time to go and buy a new phone or take it to your service provider. Remember that a lot of articles on the web will claim to fix a bricked phone but this doesn’t happen in the real world. If your phone is in a state where it can be fixed, then we must say that it isn’t bricked at all and there must be any other (recoverable) issue.

On the other hand, there is another type of this damage which is termed as soft-brick and soft-bricked phones and tablets can be recovered. The symptoms of soft-bricked devices are infinite booting screen, frequent restart, fading out of the display and others. In such a situation, you can use any recovery tool to fix the issue and some tips about fixing a soft-bricked phone are explained in this article.

In the first case, your best bet is to take your phone to the service center of its provider and simply ask them to replace it if your device is still covered by any warranty otherwise you will have to buy a new phone.


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