Useful Android Tips that You Must Know

It doesn’t really matter whether you are still new to android or you have been using an android phone for a year or even more, chances are that you miss some cool tips. For those who love using an android phone, knowing some cool tips or tricks will help them a lot. The same situation goes with you, if you want to maximize the use of android then you need to take some time and learn how cool android is. Below, we have listed some cool tips and tricks that most android users probably didn’t know.
How to Disable
Annoying App Notifications
Have you ever wondered learning how to get rid of some
annoying app notifications? While it is true that these app notifications can
be very annoying, they can also drain your phone’s battery. For those having an
android phone running on android Jelly Bean 4.1 or above, the procedure is
quite simple.


  • Simply long press on the notification and wait
    until there is a box message that appears.
  • Simply tap on the app info and make sure that
    you uncheck “Show Notifications”. Press Ok.


Learn How to Disable
the Mobile Data
Using mobile data can cost you a lot of money thus you may
want to know how you can save your money from using it too much. Fortunately,
disabling the mobile data when you don’t use it is easy. Disabling mobile data
will not only save you a lot of money, it can also save your phone’s battery. Check
the procedures below:
Simply tap the “Settings” section and tap “Data
Notice that there is an option where you can
choose “On” or “Off”. Toggle the setting from “On” to “Off”.
Learn How to Set the
Mobile Data Limit
While you can save the amount of money that you want to
spend for the use of mobile data, you can also save more money by setting the
mobile data limit. The procedures are also quite simple.


  • Tap the “Settings
    and choose “Data Usage”.
  • Simply set the limit by dragging the line and
    choose the amount of quota that best reflects your monthly usage.


By doing this, the next time you use mobile data which
exceed your monthly usage, you will receive a notification.
How to Add Multiple
Google Accounts
Next, you can also add multiple Google accounts to your
android phone. This way, you can switch to another Google account easily.


  • Tap the “Settings” section and choose “Add
  • Select Google and set your new or existing
    Google account.
  • Once you have added your Google account, you can
    decide whether you want to synch the account with your phone or not.


If you want to add more account, simply repeat the
procedures mentioned above.
These are some nice
and easy tips which you can learn the next time you want to maximize the use of
your android phone. Android phones can help you a lot especially if you learn
one or two cool tips which can make your life become a lot easier.

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