US State Department brands Global Times and four others as Chinese mouthpieces


The United States names Global Times, China Central Television, China News Service,  and People’s Daily as propaganda platforms and removes them for registered media outlets list

It had to happen. The amount of Chinese propaganda, newspapers and websites like People’s Daily and its English version, Global Times were carrying on was bound to have some reaction from the United States State Department. Especially after questions were raised on the origins of the dreaded coronavirus outbreak, which all the Chinese government websites sought to sweep under the rug.

On Monday, the United States State Department announced that the China Central Television, the China News Service, the People’s Daily and the Global Times will no longer be considered media outlets. In a strong-worded press release, the State Department said that these four entities were more like foreign missions operating to spread Chinese propaganda.

These four media outlets are in addition to the earlier four which the US state department had already branded as foreign missions and denounced them as propaganda outlets in February 2020. The US state department had earlier blacklisted the Xinhua news agency, the China Global Television Network, China Radio International, and the US distributors of the People’s Daily and English-language China Daily. The US State Department spokeswoman told reporters that, all nine outlets “are effectively controlled by the government of the People’s Republic of China.”

What will happen to these 9 news outlets including Global Times?

As per the United States law all state-run news organizations are required to report details on their US-based staff and real estate transactions to the State Department. They will not be allowed Press Passes nor will they be allowed to press briefings. They will also have to reduce the Chinese staff working in the United States. However, their reporting will not be restricted, officials said.

The US State Department officials expect a tit-for-tat action from China. In February, when the U.S. branded the four news outlets as propaganda machines, China had expelled three journalists from The Wall Street Journal after the newspaper ran an opinion piece with a headline that called the country the “sick man of Asia” — a word choice Beijing called racist.

Global Times Editor Hu Xijin called the decision to brand it a propaganda outlet a “very absurd decision” and “regrettable.”

Indians will no doubt be happy with the U.S. State Department’s decision. The Global Times had been writing a series of articles glorifying the Chinese PLA combatants. It also wrote a spree of articles by the so-called observers saying the Galwan valley faceoff could hurt India more and hashtags like BoycottChineseProducts and BoycottChina would hurt Indians more.

Indians are already taking the Chinese threat very seriously and boycotting goods/products and services made in China. Col.Sonam Wangchuk is leading a mission called #walletpower #NonViolentWalletPower #WalletCommandoes on Twitter which has been very successful. You can do your bit by buying a non-Chinese smartphone listed here.



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