US retailer StorEnvy hacked; Hackers leak plain-text accounts of 1.5 million customers


US eCommerce website StorEnvey hacked, personal details of 1.5 million customers and merchants leaked online

Unknown hackers hacked into the popular e-commerce website StorEnvy in United Stated and stole data from their web servers. The hackers later leaked personal details of over 1.5 million customers and merchants online on a hacker forum for free download.

Storenvy is an e-commerce platform with an online store builder and social marketplace. It has nearly 65,000 merchants and millions of products listed. Since launching the Marketplace in December 2012, there have been over $23 million in sales of products ranging from handmade goods to men’s and women’s apparel, jewelry, art, music, and home decor.

According to a report by, the leaked data is in plain text and contains emails, passwords, full names, usernames, IP addresses, city, gender, and links to social media profiles of StorEnvy customers as well as merchants.

Hackread has seen the database and claims that the leaked data contains order details like date of order, order number, and payment method used in the purchase. Thankfully, the payment data was not saved on the StorEnvy servers as it probably used a third-party payment gateway.

Some Storenvy customers whose data was leaked confirmed that they are registered with the e-commerce website. Hackread report says that most of the stolen credentials still work on the StorEnvy website confirming the breach is recent. Do remember that Storenvy had reportedly suffered a data breach in August 2019 in which 23 million login credentials of customers and merchants were stolen. This database was reportedly sold on Dark Web hacker forums.

StorEnvy has not commented on the data breach. We are reaching out to them for comments. In the meantime if you are a StorEnvy customer, it is strongly suggested that you change your passwords immediately.


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