US Justice Department finds China TikTok violates children privacy policy


The US Justice Department has found China TikTok violates the children privacy policy

Earlier we reported the United States to ban TikTok and other Chinese origin Apps says Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. And now the US Justice Department has found that the business subsidiary of Chinese Company ByteDance has failed to adhere to the 2019 planned rules by the United States aimed to protect Children’s privacy and so is likely to face harsh punishment from the data watchdog.

TikTok has been on the radar of U.S. administration for its poor data security policies especially concerning children’s data. The U.S. administration could also announce a ban on the very same 59 Chinese origin Apps including TikTok which India has banned.

The further allegations in the next few days FTC will probe into the facts on whether TikTok has failed to delete videos and sensitive information related to children below 13 and younger living in the United States- as it was required as per the agreement made in 2019 with FTC.

The U.S. has already blocked US companies from exporting tech and software to Huawei for the very same reason. It has also announced a block on the transfer of technology to Hong Kong authorities after mainland China enacted a draconian security law.

According to the statistics of TikTok’s business page, it has around 12.5 million active users related to TikTok from the United States and is aged between 16 to 24 accounting for 60% of the company’s overall traffic. However, there is a long-standing agreement between all the Chinese companies and the Chinese government to share any information that the CCP deems is of China’s national interest. This could mean sharing data stored in overseas countries also.

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