Upgrade Lenovo S930 with Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat VibeUI

21 Apr 2014

Upgrade Lenovo S930 with Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat VibeUI – This upgrade is a custom ROM not official release from #Lenovo so there is some bug that need to be fix in the next release. Today i will write a guide how to update Lenovo S930 with #Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat VibeUI, this guide only work for Lenovo S930 don’t attempt to try using another device or it will bricked your device.

Disclaimer :

This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial. 

ROM Features :


  • Add new upgrade to Android 4.4 system
  • Add VIBEUI1.5 first version , the new visual experience
  • Add amazing innovation [ music ] Desktop version , the ultimate elegance
  • Add more convenient and efficient application of the new version of [ Lenovo directories
  • Add new Notification Center
  • New online radio upgrade , the type of music to listen touch up


  • New to online resources mainly new store model , increasing push and account management , using a new theme pack format
  • Added increase popular themes, wallpaper and other hottest push
  • Add additional topics and push operations
  • Added increase individual centers , management accounts, records and other use

[ Weather ]

  • The weather widget4X2 to optimize 4X3
  • New versions of increasing the pulse theme static widget
  • New version of the theme center switching mode

[ Desktop ]

  • Add new optimized desktop editing interface , supports batch move icon
  • Added drag across the screen quickly
  • Add T9 keyboard application to find and locate
  • Add two fingers on the designated icon sorting function
  • New Auto Arrange Icons ( except the main screen )
  • Add a key lock screen
  • Optimize application icon display logic optimization , repair, repeat icon , omissions and other issues

[ Music ]

  • New vivid and colorful player interface, based on the currently playing song album cover background color transformation
  • Added support for batch [ Pause / Resume ] to download songs ; supports batch [ empty ] completed songs have been downloaded
  • Add new Desktop lyrics, lyrics heart to see the phone screen

[ Added ]

  • Added recently played song list features
  • Added support for the current play queue length gesture ordered by dragging up and down freely
  • Added support breakpoint play song
  • New song list on the right to modify the positioning of letter styles
  • New player interface to modify the playback queue translucent background
  • New online music library to find new singer classification , good sound clean sweep
  • Add custom music downloads scan directories , local music at a glance
  • Added a new sound regulation panel , easily select music effects
  • Recently added new playlist
  • Added support to manually drag and drop sorting play queue

[ Notification Center ]

  • New system state that is significantly important
  • New way to start the new version optimized switch
  • Add more convenient way to clear all notification messages
  • Added support for flexible regions screenshot function
  • Add Gaussian blur background

[ Lenovo directories]

  • Introducing new slide gestures , the operation more convenient
  • Added support for two-finger sliding back to see more
  • New game introduction of the use of skills
  • Added timed SMS
  • New intelligent packet
  • New information structure adjustment , the level easier
  • Optimize the structure optimized to improve performance
  • Optimized GUI interface landscaping

[ Ethereal touch ]

  • Add a shortcut to 8 entrance entrance

[ System Settings ]

  • Optimization of the structural framework adjustment ( remove common settings , all settings and features to set two tab)

[ Talk ]

  • Add Add ” Empty Dial” feature
  • Added increase recording entrance
  • New calls and call interface using the new color bright colors , with the effect IDEAFRIEND

[ Tutorial ]

  • New player tutorial web version , support online download updates

[ Features Settings ]

  • Add Scene Management 1.0 : Using the AP, the time interval to set the scene , automatically performs a variety of functions defined

[ Block ]

  • Optimization in the bottom of the screen range, one to the other direct unlocked sliding some distance after the project is only in the past sliding from left to right

[ E-mail ]

  • New mailing list shows the sender avatar
  • New drop-down refresh mailing list
  • New sliding delete mail mailing list
  • New account folder list slide in and out
  • New Folder navigation
  • New step lists all unread messages
  • Added before reading an e -mail interface slide switch after an e-mail
  • Add Delete move messages regret function

[ Green ]

  • Optimize the new interface , new design style
  • Optimization Optimization headlines
  • Optimization of HTML optimized video playback

[ Calendar ]

  • Optimization Month View Week View Day View layout, controls, animation optimization
  • Lenovo’s new integrated permit , synchronization
  • Weather plug-in optimization optimization
  • New plug- almanac

[ File ]

  • New classification browsing , video, pictures of the front of a frame of video content
  • Add image list view mode Reduce / Enlarge fill
  • New menu New menu folder size view , easy to delete a folder

Calculator ]

  • New digital copy function increases
  • Add to add a simple toggle button computing and scientific calculator

[ Search ]

  • Click to add a search box to search only shows three records, supported the deletion

[ Personal Hotspot ]

  • New interactive framework adjustment feature links to other users increase
  • Add a new technology assessment function , making pre-research demo trial and error and iterative expansion of new personal hotspot feature
  • New users can control other cases — wlan link link users can control other links , the implementation of the landing
  • Added increase the connection list : a list of connected devices and ip ip disconnect function corresponding

[ Music ]

  • Add a new power-saving modes: daily , power , emergency
  • Added time switch mode: switch to emergency power, custom , etc.
  • Add new power-saving guidelines: a key to saving state detection , and guidance on how saving
  • Added goggles : Reduce screen brightness, night use
  • Optimization is expected to optimize the available time

[ Vehicle applications ]

  • New tachograph achieve basic functionality , background videos, video evidence Reserved
  • Add segment length recording , the user can change the set value with the user to adjust the length of time for each video recording
  • New video resolution, the user can set the desired recording resolution
  • When you add a user-selectable video recording , whether to record sound at the same time
  • New users can choose to record video storage location in the external memory card or built-in memory card
  • Change the default music player for the new car immediately play the way
  • Added settings to increase the “About” function is used to display the version number, etc. Car

Bugs :

  • the probability of occurrence of a video call can not see each video : the performance of the remote video window only shows the default picture does not show the video . The problem engineers have been processed in the analysis , the next version of the fix .
  • Cloud music cannot be synchronized.
Requirements :
Upgrade Lenovo S930 with Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat VibeUI :

  1. Flashing Recovery to Lenovo S930 :
    • Install Lenovo S930 Usb Driver to your computer, don’t forget to reboot your computer after finish.
    • Open Flash Tool folder and run Flash_tool.exe check on DA DL With Check Sum, click on Scatter-loading look for MT6582_Android_scatter
    • Un check all field name except Recovery, Click Recovery and browse to Lenovo S930 Stock Recovery, then click Download button.
    • When all set, turn off your device, remove battery and sc card, connect your device to computer and insert the battery again. When your device detect then it will show Red Bar and not very long it will become Yellow Bar increase. Wait until it reach 100% please don’t remove, shutdown or reboot your computer in this moment cause it will make your device bricked. When it finish it will show you Green Sign and you can disconnect your device.
    • Done for flashing Lenovo S930 Stock Recovery
      Upgrade Lenovo S930 with Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat VibeUI

  2. Go to Recovery Mode by press and hold Volume Up and Power button until it show language options, press Volume Down to select english. 
  3. Select Wipe data / Cache, this needed to avoid boot loop after installations.
  4. Select Update navigate to VIBEUI_V1.5_1416_2_ST_S930_NK_W_E4C9 that already rename to update.zip confirm all warning and begin the installation process. It required 1-2 minutes to finish the process.
  5. After finish installation please reboot your phone manually. This process is only install Android Kit Kat 4.4.2 VibeUI on your device, no root access and Google Apps
  6. Done.
If you need to install root or Google Apps then you will need to do this step :
Thank you for reading this guide, if you have any problems please don’t hesitate to leave comments and please share this guide if you think this useful, Thank you
    1. No d9n't use it, it for sony ericsson. For mtk devices is sp flash tool not flashtool. Vibe ui 2.0 is more new and have many improvment than vibe ui 1.5. But i all up to you. Cannot download flash tool in my link is direrct from adfly, so just try refresh it again for 2-3 times you will able to download it

    2. Hi again,
      If you wanna vibe ui 2.0 follow the link i give you and forget this guide. This guide need to be update so i think it will not valid if you follow this. Anyway i already update flash tool link, and thank you for your information

    3. Hi again,
      If you wanna vibe ui 2.0 follow the link i give you and forget this guide. This guide need to be update so i think it will not valid if you follow this. Anyway i already update flash tool link, and thank you for your information

    4. Why i feel it so wierd? I already told you that this guide maybe is not valid anymore and already told you about the newest vibe ui 2.0 guide, but you still wanna follow this guide? And one more thing there is no android phone that don't have recovery. Up to you i will not answering your comments again. Thank you

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