Upgrade Lenovo S920 with Android KitKat ROW version, Official Release

29 Aug 2014

Upgrade Lenovo S920 with Android KitKat ROW version, Official Release – This guide is will install Android KitKat ROW version to your Lenovo S920, I already have 2 guide how to install Lenovo S920 with Android KitKat but all of them is using CN version firmware. The most advantage getting ROW version is this firmware support multilanguage, already include google applications and it not contains any annoying china software. This update can also be obtained with OTA update and can be install automatically. This update will erase all your contact and data store on your device, please backup it first before following this guide, and this guide have possibility to brick you device.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial.  (DWYOR). This is for Lenovo S920 4GB, if you have 8GB and have a guts to try this guide than please give me an info.

Upgrade Lenovo S920 with Android KitKat ROW version, Official Release

ROM Description :

  • Build Number : S920_ROW_S213_140714
  • Date : 14-07-2014
  • OS : Android 4.4.2
  • Languages : Russian , Ukrainian, English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai

Change Logs :

  • Android 4.4.2
  • Vibe UI v1.5
  • Update all system from Lenovo
  • Increase performance
  • Increase battery life time
  • Modem for Europe
Downloads :
  • S920_ROW_S213_140714  871Mb, Contains all required files to flashing Android KitKat to your device.
  • USB VCOM Driver  Install this driver first on your computer, Turn off your device and remove the battery, using USB cable connect your device while look at My Computer  Manage  Device Manager there will be MTK65xx Preloader Devices show up for 5 second than disappeared, before disappeared right click on it and select Update Driver Software point it to USB VCOM Driver extracted folder. When it finish disconnect and connect again there will be Mediatek PreLoader USB VCOM Port on your device manager.
    Upgrade Lenovo S920 with Android KitKat ROW version, Official Release
  • SP Flash Tool v5.1352 Flashing tool needed to install Android KitKat to your device, This tool also already include when you download ROM file. Back it just for backup (Mirror)
Upgrade Lenovo S920 with Android KitKat ROW version, Official Release
  1. Make sure USB VCOM driver completely installed on your computer before continued to next step, Download and extract S920_ROW_S213_140714 to your computer, this contains also SP Flash Tool and ROM images folder (target_bin).
  2. Open SP Flash Tool folder and run Flash_Tool.exe, run it using administrator privilege when you using windows 7 or later. On SP Flash Tool open Options ↦ Option ↦ Download make sure DA DL All with Checksum is already checked, click X (Close) to apply the change and back to SP Flash Tool.
    Upgrade Lenovo S920 with Android KitKat ROW version, Official Release
  3. Back to SP Flash Tool, now click Scatter-Loading and point it to target_bin/MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc.txt on locate on S920_ROW_S213_140714 extracted folder, this will automatically load all necessary files to SP Flash Tool. 
    Upgrade Lenovo S920 with Android KitKat ROW version, Official Release
  4. Change Download only option on SP Flash Tool to Firmware Upgrade mode, Finish configure all now press Download button or hit CTRL+D, wait SP Flash Tool to initialize and become to stand by mode.
    Upgrade Lenovo S920 with Android KitKat ROW version, Official Release
  5. Turn off your device and remove the battery, wait 5 second then connect your device to your computer. SP Flash Tool will begin recognize your device and start the flashing process, this process mark by REDPURPLE, and YELLOW bar on the bottom SP Flash Tool. When you see GREEN CIRCLE on the middle of SP Flash Tool, this mean flashing process already finish and you can disconnect your device.
    Upgrade Lenovo S920 with Android KitKat ROW version, Official Release
  6. Done, you have successful upgrade your Lenovo S920 to Android KitKat, confirm it with go to System Setting ↦ About Phone look at Build Number make sure the version is same with the downloaded.
This guide is installing Android KitKat to Lenovo S920, I hope by following this guide you will be able to solve your problems and please leave any comments if you found any problems regarding this guide.Thank You
    1. hi,
      are your phone from china ? i think it because the modem file, you need to change modem file for china phone.
      how to do this, you must root your phone, install custom recovery and install modem file with custom recovery.
      are SIM 2 is slot that can only use EDGE network ?? or the slot with 3G function ?

    2. Hi,
      Give me your email addreass and tommorow i will send the modem file to you, i am not upload it yet.
      China phone only 1 slot that support 3G, but i ever had that MIUI or LEWA already found how to make 2 slot enable 3G but i never found it.

    3. hai andy yang mana satu fail zip untuk selesaikan masalah signa untu s920

      V23 ↦ from original Lenovo S920 with firmware S117 atau pon V23 ↦ from Lenovo P780 with firmware S123 – Fixed some problem with bluetooth atau kena download kedua2 nya

  1. hello . i buy new phone le novo s920 . but in the system there is only english and chinesse language . i want have the french language . this rome is for this ? and no risque after using this rome ? because many friends when used rome the phone blocked and not work speed

    1. Mr.Andy Thanks for the Rom. its work on my phone perfectly and now I upgraded to kitkat. I really thanks you for this . But the bug is its eat alot of ram usage. can't play HD games like need for speed. alot of applications forced stopped and crush. I'm not pleased with this rom. Can you guide me for another kitkat rom please?
      Coz my phone can't use as others smart phones and slow in performance after upgraded.

      does another kitkat rom for lenovo S920? I download alot of rom from needrom.com . and I perform them with formatted SD card to CWM but every rom doesn't work on my phone . I don't khow why…

      I'll be waiting for yours reply Mr.Andy. Thanks for everything.

    2. Hi,
      Try update your ROM again from system update. The latest release for Lenovo S920 is S220 so try to update system again. Because kitkat will eat more memory than jelly bean but if you want you can try to factory reset and try the rom from the start again

    3. Thanks you so much for yours reply. Most of Technicians didn't care and reply the users . But you are different .Thanks you Mr.Andy .
      So would it be better if I update to S220 ?? Can you guide me some tutorial as this Row S213 update?
      In my country most of users were using Samsung . So I can get many helps if I m using Samsung but I like Lenovo thats make me alot of difficulties when I m facing technical issues. you are the only one person that I can ask for help.

    4. That not a problem to me, i would thank that you visit my blog.
      Update from system update can be found on system setting, about phone and just select system update. It will check update and will find an uodate S220, yes S220 could install from S213 as long as you still use lenovo standard recovery,
      Samsung or Lenovo is same the both using android system, an memory problem can be cause because you have many applications that running on background, so just my suggestion is just try to factory reset and then install just usefull applications only and not applications that look like bloatware

    5. Setting/system update is didnt work in this rom. Its said i m currently on latest version but i actually i m still at S213. Can i flash back to my stock rom plz how to perform. Coz this kitkat S213 row took to much ram. Even ,Ram manger and swapper for virtual ram but these cant help. No background running app on my phone. Just fb and chrome run its got really slow down and crushed.

  2. When i follow ur link to downgrade ,its show up tutorial to downgrade that was ok. But after reading it i try to download necessary files and its leads to some Russian site. And i dont know where to find the download link.plz alternative download links. Thanks u.

    1. Hi,
      The ROM download link is direct to google docs where you can download the ROM file, i don't know the russian site that you mean. The link is redirect with adfly adv program maybe that why you cannot download the ROM file. Just try download again with another dns

  3. I successfully upgrade my S920 to kitkat by following your guidelines here. However, my sim2 is not working at all. Besides that, I had follow your another guide on "How to Replace Radio Firmware for Lenovo S920", I tried all the modem, but still not working.

    One thing that I realize is, even though I successfully inside .zip file, but when I check my ROM version after reboot, it still shows the same.

    1. The baseband version is still same as well. (S920.ROW.V104, 2014/07/14 15:05)
      – 862767022128400
      – 862767022128418

      I think its can't detect sim card. No service, emergency calls only.

    2. Hi,
      Sorry i could not help you more than reply your comments, to change the baseband it need you to root your device. I have give a lot guide to root lenovo s920, follow the link above that i give you. Signal cannot be received because 2 thing one is lost imei and the second is because modem file not fit and need to be change, in your case it like because the modem so i suggest you to root your device and then change the modoem like the guide you already seen for more info you can contact me on hang out

  4. i have s920 chinese ver… after update firmware from the phone itself i cant have google playstore.. then it was yest i saw ur tutorial here.. ive done both my n my wife phone(our phone are same model) n everything works fine, so i can say your tutorial works with charm.. THANK YOU. No more annoying chinese app/language ^_^

    1. hi 🙂 thank you for reply 🙂
      and yeps it is for real..actually i was stuck in boot loop so i decided to go with your procedure first time ur flashing was success but i culdnt get out of the boot loop so i decided to flash again but the 2nd time it was not successfull and this particual error appeared and now my phone got bricked :

    2. I think your first flashing is success, do you know that the firstboot take abou 5 until 6 minutes to finish. So i think you in rush, just try flashing again but now try to a little patience. Soft brick can be solve with flashing new rom, hard brick is hardware so i think your device just soft brick and can be fix with re flashing it

    1. Hi,
      If i think kitkat is morre heavy than jelly bean, if just normal lag i think it normal but when lag a lot i think you can try to wipe data or factory reset. Sometime user feel lag after they update to kitkat that why new firmware release is still kitkat because kitkat in lenovo still need lot improvement

  5. Thanks Sir, I solved with this rom file hang on logon problems. My Smart phone is gone on dead position after flashing with other rom file error 4032 coming but successfully done with your post file flashing phone. many many thanks to you sharing this file sir.

  6. hello ANDY . i have le novo s920 . chinesse . and i was use the rom for language . and after the flashing my phone died . and not work . and no power . and nothing . when i put it in usb too . he not work . he died . can you help me please

    1. Camera applicatin just for test your camera hardware good or not, so every camera application can be use. But if you want to use 3rd party camera application as primary then maybe try search at google because i dont know which one is good for primary

    1. you already brick your device, the flashing make mess on your partition that why you cannot flashing it anymore.
      my suggestion is bring to lenovo service center, said that failed on update make my phone brick. then they will replace mainboard.

  7. Mr.andy thanks for the post and it work perfect .

    Now i m seriously need your help.
    Yesterday i bought a new handset.
    Vivo v1 Max .
    I tried to root it alot of root tools and didnt work.
    I need root access for it. Thats really important for me.
    Please help me for root it.

    1. i cannot give you an advise if i dont know what your problem, i think hard reset it a common thing that need to be done if device got any problem.
      just tell me detail about your problem and i will help you if you ask me.
      thank for visit

    1. that the common problem, when flashing device.
      check if your computer still recognize your device, connect without battery and without turn on the phone. look at the device manager on computer. if the computer still recognize as MEDIATEK VCOM PORT then you can still flash the firmware to your device, but if the computer recognize as VCOM PORT then you must flash the preloader first to your device.

    1. hi,
      i think you got Lenovo S920 china version, that have china language and no google play store, the solution for this problem is flashing International firmware to flashing you can follow above guide,
      but if you wanna simple way change your language to english, you can find it on settings -> keyboard and language -> english see the picture here https://goo.gl/MWnP1Z
      and then install google play, look at here http://goo.gl/UOfZ9t
      good luck

  8. hi.. i have lenovo s920_ row version 8gb..after updating the system.. my phone stuck in logo for hours.. i tried to reboot it again..same problem… then i did a hard reset then when it boot it always stuck in logo…its says no command..pls help me what to do?

    1. hi,
      for the first options is try to hard reset the phone, sometimes it help you. but if hard reset cannot help then the other and the last option is to reflash with the new firmware, but sorry i dont have firmware for Lenovo S920 8Gb

  9. hi andy, i am a little bit confused with the step above. From my understanding, the step 1-6 we do not need to turn on our phone and do not insert the battery right?
    then how suddenly on step 5, it stated to turn off the device? wishing for your fast reply. thankss

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