Upgrade Lenovo S920 Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat Vibe UI

23 Apr 2014

Upgrade Lenovo S920 Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat Vibe UI – Like his little brother Lenovo S930 has already have Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat Vibe UI on custom rom, now Lenovo S920 can taste Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat flavor through Vibe UI 1.5. A lot people got boot loop after installing the custom recovery, the got bootloop because they previous ROM is ROW (International Version) this Vibe UI v1.5 can only be install from CN ROM, So if you in ROW then you need to change your ROM to CN first.

Disclaimer :

This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial. 

Update Article :
Lenovo S920 Upgrade Android Kit Kat 4.4.2 with Gapps + Root (10-07-2014)
Change Log :

  • Fix baseband 2 – Fully Working
  • Original Kit Kat Android 4.4.2
  • Remove miscellaneous apps
  • Remove chinese browser, calculator, calendar and lot of un use apps. If you need any of chinese apps you can install it through recovery.
  • Root need to be install / flash through recovery.
  • Replace SIM 2 baseband V23 row
  • Language CN / EN
Screen Shots :
Lenovo S920 Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat Vibe UI
Lenovo S920 Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat Vibe UI

Lenovo S920 Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat Vibe UI
Lenovo S920 Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat Vibe UI

This ROM required to install through TWRP custom Recovery, Gor report problem on CWM custom Recovery flashing. Recommended to using TWRP custom Recovery and forget about CWM custom Recovery.

Downloads :

Upgrade Lenovo S920 Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat Vibe UI
  1. Download all needed files, and move it to SD card. You must install or flashing TWRP custom Recovery first before installing this ROM.
  2. Install Mobileuncle MTK Tools as usually, Ignore any warning and continued until finish. 
  3. Open Mobileuncle MTK Tools and select Recovery Update
    Upgrade Lenovo S920 Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat Vibe UI

  4. It will automatic found TWRP Custom Recovery (recovery-cn.img). Install the recovery until finish device will reboot automatically and boot to recovery mode.
  5. From TWRP Custom Recovery select Wipe Data / Factory Reset this will delete all user data, then select Wipe Cache Partition. This step to prevent any problem after installation.
  6. Back to main menu select Install Zip from sdcard > Choose Zip from sdcard and navigate to VIBEUI_V1.5_1415_2_FixBaseband. Select Yes on all warning until installation begin.
  7. It required 1-3 minutes to finish installation process. Back to main menu again select Install Zip from sdcard > Choose Zip from sdcard and navigate to Gapps Full Package this step will install Google Applications to your new ROM.
  8. Repeat step 6 to install Xposed Framework & Gravity Box kitkat or Root File, this step is optional you can skip this step if you don’t wanna root your device.
  9. After finish installing all required files, reboot your device. First boot will requires sometime so please be patience.
  10. Done.
Congratulations, Now your Lenovo S920 using Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat VibeUI 1.5 with google applications include and already rooted. Please leave comments if you found any problem while follow this guide. Thank you for reading
    1. i could help you if you describe what have you done previously, but if you just said lenovo keep flashing all the time then i could not help you. it named bootloop. when you modified your rom you will facing a lot with this kind of error.

  1. selamat pagi 🙂
    mohon maaf mas admin, mau memastikan karena saya masih newbie di android. apakah update OS Kitkat untuk Lenovo s920 ini resmi dari Lenovo atau hanya semacam custom rom dengan tampilan Kitkat?
    saya baca di grup dan di kaskus tapi masih bingung dengan kepastiannya.
    terima kasih atas tanggapannya 🙂

  2. Tested & confirmed gan… thanks buat tutorialnya.. untuk VibeROM ini memang harus dari stock ROM CN dulu & TWRP nya juga yg CN baru bisa update/install VibeROM ini… kalo salah 1 nya ada yg gak cocok bakal berakhir dgn boot stuck yg jalan keluarnya harus re-flash dulu ke Stock ROM yg bener… (tested on lenovo s920 4GB)

    1. Dear Andy Suwito,
      My phone Version Infos are:
      Model Number: Lenovo S920_ROW
      Android Version: 4.2.1
      Baseband Version: S920.V23,2013/05/22 00:19
      Build number: S920_ROW_8G_S112_140519

      Can I update this phone with method you explained here? Awaiting your reply and valuable advise.

    2. yes your device can be update but need more additional process because your device use ROW ROM, it international ROM with multilanguage. First you need to flash your device using CN ROM, after that just follow above guide. thank you for reading …

  3. Links r broken
    the three roms all have the same chamgelog ? i tried 1419 and second sim is not working, the link for 1415 fixed baseband is not working also..please do tell what to flash into the phone to have the second sim working, thanks very much for your work

    1. not working? cannot download or your SIM2 not working after update it? describe it please i cannot help you if you not describe it. i am already check the link all fine i can download it except the Xposed Framework link are dead.
      download the VIBEUI_V1.5 1419 because it the latest release

    1. langkah ke 4 adalah menginstall china recovery, jadi ketika di tekan tombol power+tombol volume ya masuk ke recovery cuma tulisan china. dari situ kemudian di wipe data / factory reset kemudian di install vibe ui nya.

    1. 1. Reboot
      2. Install Zip from sd card
      3. Wipe data / Factory Reset
      4. Clear cache
      5. Backup / Restore
      5.1 Backup
      5.2 Restore
      5.3 Advance Restore
      6. Mount and Storage
      7. Advanced
      7.1 Restart or Shutdown
      7.2 Clear dalvik cache
      7.3 Clear battery stat
      7.4 Logging
      7.5 Test Buttons
      7.6 History
      7.7 SD Card Partition
      7.8 Repair
      8. Shutdown

      Semoga bisa membantu

  4. Factory mode
    Sensor Calibration
    Automatic Test
    Individual test
    Test Report
    Commissioning test items
    Clear eMMC
    Version Information
    Restart the phone

    artinya malah kayak gini gan,,,,
    dia gak mau masuk opsi yang kayak agan sebutin di atas,,gak mau masuk home juga malah bootlop, setiap tak pencet power+volume up keluarnya kayak yang ane tulis di atas gan,

    1. berarti belom berhasil masuk ke recovery mode, memang susah lenovo masuk ke recovery mode. coba terus gan, kalo gak power button + volume up kemudia gan berapa lama volume down nya di teken sambil volume upnya di lepaskan

  5. Hey there, my situation is kinda special. I have updated my Lenovo S920 to 4.4.2 without knowing that I will lose my root after that and I don't know how to get it back. I was using the old method (Vroot) and it didn't work, I have been researching everywhere and still can't find a solution. I have tried almost all of the root applications to root your phone without computer (Vroot, RootMaster, Farmaroot, Towelroot, WeakSauce, Universal Androot) but none of them worked. So I start to use my computer to root my phone, but I don't know how… I have never used Windows before. With or without a computer is not an issue. Your help will be very appreciated! 🙂

    1. Hi,
      First i need to know what kind of your firmware, you can see in abou phone. It is CN or ROW version, if you are using ROW version then i still not yet have the guide but soon i will post it. But if your firmware it CN then you need to back to jelly bean CN version then install custom recovery and then from there you can back to 4.4.2 then root your phone.

      Thank you

    2. Bad news, mine is ROW version. Really appreciate your help, do u know of anyways to downgrade your Android OS version to the previous version? Because I find the new version really nice but it lags my phone which has never happen before on the previous version. Sometimes it even hangs there for a few moments. And I also noticed quite a few times that the applications crashes and force stop really oftenly so I would really like to get back to the previous version and wait for the new version to be a little more stable only move on to new version. Thank you!

    3. Hey, Thank you really really much for the fast replies and these incredibly useful information. After u get the guide for the rooting of the 4.4.2 version Lenovo S920, please update me ya, I will come by this post from time to time for the new guide, once again thank you very much! 😀

    4. Hey, sorry to bother u again but I have a problem signing up from the link u state up there because it is all in Russian, and after I translate the page to english, it keeps on telling me that I answered the security question wrongly or something like that, do I have to answer in Russian? How did you get your account?

    1. which one should i follow or i must follow all the guide??
      can i get back Vibe UI v1.5_1427 for my phone??
      & can u give me a easily ways for Installing Custom Recovery CWM v6.0.3.4??
      i dont really understand how to install it…
      please help…

    2. follow this guide http://bit.ly/1xWiRfv
      if you don't really how to install or how to follow it then don't at least you can try first not asking it before trying.
      if you don't understand and don't know what you gone do the don't do it, it will brick your device.

      Yes you need to follow all step include installing S920_S141_130614, Vibe UI v1.5_1427, CWM v6.0.3.4 and etc All you need to follow

      thank you

  6. Selamat pagi Andy..
    HP saya jenis lenovo P780..saya ingatkn bila saya upgrade, hp saya akn jadi lebih smooth tp berlaku sebaliknya pula..hp semakin lmbt n m'buatkn saya rasa menyesal bila upgrade..mcm mana nk downgrade kn ke version yg asal? Please reply asap:(

    1. Hi,
      Before upgrade i always said to backup current ROM and Imei, this because a lot case like you happen and asking me how to downgrade it. I still not yet have guide for lenovo P780 flashing android 4.2 yet. Just search the ROM file and flash like usually. And why you comment in Lenovo S920 page?

    1. hi,
      please use english, For Vibe UI 2.0 i ever heard that this can be root using ROOT GENIUS but i never try it before, but for Lenovo S939 Vibe UI 2.0 can be root using ROOT Genius then install google application with GMSInstaller

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