Upgrade Lenovo S820 with Android KitKat Row Version

28 Aug 2014

Upgrade Lenovo S820 with Android KitKat Row Version – Lenovo S820 already received update to Android KitKat, This update can be apply using OTA or flashing using SP Flash Tool. Today i will post a guide on how to Update Lenovo S820 with Android KitKat ROW version but different from any other guide that i has been post is i will use OTA update for installing this update. There will be some condition that must be filled before you can follow this guide, and i will explain it later.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial.  (DWYOR), Please prepare everything before start following this guide like backup your data, applications, etc this guide has possibility to brick your device.

Upgrade Lenovo S820 with Android KitKat Row Version

ROM Description :

  • Build Number : S820_ROW_S220_140722
  • Date : 22-07-2014
  • OS : Android 4.4.2
  • Languages : Russian , Ukrainian, English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai
Change Logs :
  • Android 4.4.2
  • VibeUI 1.5
  • Updated almost all applications from Lenovo
  • The new system interface
  • Speed up the system interface
  • Battery Optimization
  • Modem for European version RESET
  • Option Dialer

Download :

Upgrade Lenovo S820 with Android KitKat Row Version
  1. Requirements :
    • This can be do only if your current firmware is S820_ROW_S124_140404, please confirm it with go to System Setting ↦ About Phone ↦ Build Number. 
      Upgrade Lenovo S820 with Android KitKat Row Version

    • Confirm that your Lenovo device still using stock Lenovo recovery.
    • This update will be delete all your data store on your device, backup first for safety.
    • Lenovo S820 8GB can also follow this guide, but still do with your own risk.
    • Jump to Step 3,
  2. If above conditions cannot be filled, than you cannot update your Lenovo S820 to Android KitKat.
  3. If your Lenovo S820 not used ROW_S124 then you still can follow below step :
    • S820_ROW_S124_140404 (4GB) This contains all required files to flashing your device to S124 version. This files can be install using SP Flash Tool
    • S820_ROW_8G_S124_140404 (8GB) ↦ This contains all required files to flashing your device to S124 version for Lenovo S820 8GB. This files can be install using SP Flash Tool
  4. After finish complete the requirements now it time to update, rename S820_ROW_S220_140722 to update.zip, now move or copy update.zip to your SD Card. Please copy on SD Card root don’t copy inside a folder.
  5. Turn off your device, wait for 5-6 second for complete turn off.
  6. Press and hold Power + Volume Up + Volume Down button, release it when you can see Lenovo recovery main menu.
  7. Your device will be start and update will be start automatically, wait for the installation until finish.
  8. Done, now your device already successful update with Android KitKat, confirm with go to System Setting  About Phone  Build Number
    Upgrade Lenovo S820 with Android KitKat Row Version

Enjoy your new device with Android KitKat installed on your system, If you wanna root this firmware and install custom recovery you can read Root, Custom Recovery TWRP v2.7.1.1 for Lenovo S820 Android Kit Kat ROW Version.
Thank you for visiting and reading this guide i hope this can help you solve your problems…
    1. hi,
      that mean your phone bootloop, this happen when the ROM file is not fit with your device, or previous ROM version. this is an OTA update so if you ignore the requirement than boot loop will come.
      the solution is to re flashing with lower version S820_ROW_S124_140404 and if you want you can try to update it again.


  1. Hi , I have problem. Can you tell me how to repair my phone.
    Problem is " Can't Sign In Gmail , Won't connected WiFi , Video Camera Has Stopped when I click application . and upgrade system failed.

    Thank you for replying

  2. I try to flash my s820 to global rom s124 but flash tool say error " target is incosistent load is 6589 but target 6572

    I buy my lenovo in 2nd condition with chinese rom instalet s141 rom, so how to solved this


    1. /system don't need to reduce cause it will not effect on installing applications, if you want more space you just need to uninstall appliacations on /data. Select lenovo's default applications to uninstall ie antivirus, lenovo share etc

    1. if i am use Lenovo S820 i like china firmware but with modified, add google play service, remove china unwanted apps and etc. because china firmware is already using Vibe Ui 2.0 it the latest release from Lenovo. International still using Vibe UI 1.5. But for simple just install install international version already include google services and there is no unwanted china apps

    2. The phone now is on China firmware. So if i just want to add google services and remove unwanted china apps, I don't have to do clean install and wipe data? But if there is an OTA later on, do I need to repeat the procedure again?

  3. misi mas bro.. kog lenovo s820 ku g bisa baca simcard selain 3 (tree) knp ya.?
    kan saya beli second, pas beli d cb sloth 1 dan sloth 2 pake indosat semua bisa, normal, di telfon bisa buat telfon jg bisa, tp sekarang kog g mau ya, padahal g d apa2in, klo secara visual normal, indikator signal normal, tp klo d telf slalu d luar jangkauan, dan d sms g masuk sama skali, bahka buat cek pulsa / telf ke operator jg g bisa,

    mohon bantuanya mas bro

    1. mas, saya sudah sukses upgrade ke kitkat, tp kog camera sering g bisa d gunakan knp ya mas..?

      kada bisa tp seumpama saya mau pake camera depan dia langsung hank.. abis itu g bs lg konek ke camera

      mohon pencerahan mas bos

    2. First think you must try if there is hardware failure is factory reset, sometime factory reset solve a problem. But if the factory reset cannot solve it then try to re flash the ROM, because i think it ROM problem but if you don't wanna bothet with factory reset or re flashing the ROM try use third party application for camera

  4. Hi andy
    Got problem with my lenovo s820 4gb vibe 2.0 rom. Decided to flash it coz doesn't have playstore. Flashing fail several time using s220 s137 s119 rom until got it again with s220 rom. After that the phone cannot be on. But it still can be detect by pc/laptop. What can I do next

    1. Hi,
      To solve your problem just need to re flashing. Because flashing not need device to be turn on. Just try to reflash, but you don't told me what error you got when flashing it with s220 firmware. I would recommend to solve the flash error

  5. Hey man. Good day. I want to upgrade to Kitkat. Up to this point I haven't got any update or upgrade OTA, maybe because of the OS version which is S123. I have 4.4.2 Jellybean, S820_AMX_ROW_S123_140109. What should I do next…upgrade to S124 and then to Kitkat? Thanks a lot. (By the way…is there any chance for S820 to receive Lollipop in the incoming months?).

    1. Hi,
      Look like your current ROK is modified by the shop where you buy the phone, so if you wanna have kitkat the you must flash the official ROM, international or china version it all up to you. When finish installed official ROM just check system update and you will received update notification

  6. Andy
    Post the guide about how to update to S820_ROW_S222 firmware because since i've rooted my phone i cannot install the OTA update… 🙁
    I badly need the S222 zip file to flash it via custom recovery….. and do some research on how to avoid battery drainage on KITKAT. I've already done Battery Calibrating, though it drains a lot.
    By the way thanks in advance my friend 🙂

  7. hello, i have problems with my lenovo s820. There was notification for firmware update. Everything was fine downloading the package then i clicked update now. unfortunately the update stopped and it showed some sort of "dying android" cartoon. i restarted my phone and it says my ota system update failed to install. system update from s820_row_s222_141121 to s820_row_s2223_150119. please help 🙁 thank you, have a good day ahead.

  8. I have the same problem too . Please help meee. Build number is S820_ROW_8G_S222_141121.
    But this all happen when ive tried to upgrade to S820_ROW_8G_S223_150119 but failed because i dont know that rooted phone cant use ota upgrade. It failed.Its says error and shows dying android. Ive tried to reset and this all happen. The box keep popping up says "unfortunately,contact manager has stopped". I also cant connect to my playstore. I dnt know what to do. Please contact me personally by whatsapp at +60177978971 .please i need help

    1. Hi,
      So your version is international or ROW and all a]lications is stopped, i think after doing update you need to factory reset your device first. So try factory reset first and install again the applications if it also cannot i think you need to re flashing the ROM

  9. My lenovo users S820_ row.8g_ 140 730 S221_ lately I have a problem on the android usb port, when it will connect with the laptop android no life or not detected by the PC, detected Hannya chager.
    I've previously set in the android usb debugging enabled, but no changes at all are not detected by the PC or Laptop
    What should I do if it happens like this ..
    please help me ..

    1. pagi…
      sudah saya lakukan langkah seperti apa yang di katakan andy namun. fungsi bar notifikasi untuk pilih USB tidak bisa berubah , digeser pun tidak berfungsi seperti terkunci.
      terjadinya permasalahan seperti ini setelah melakukan update frimware row s222 melalui OTA . update pun gagal

  10. Sebelumnya saya memang pernah root, tapi kemudian di full unroot. Semua langkah diatas sudah saya lakukan dan sekarang hh saya sudah ROW_124. Namun ketika coba instal update.zip lagi tetap aborted. Mohon bantuannya min..

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