Updating your Samsung Galaxy M31/Samsung Galaxy A70 will brick your Smartphone


Update your Samsung Galaxy M31/Samsung Galaxy A70, you will end up bricking it

Samsung launched its budget Android Smartphone Galaxy M31 on 26th February 2020. The Smartphone received a new software update with the April 2020 security patch earlier this week. While the latest software update was meant to provide various security fixes, it appears to have come with some bugs that brick the Samsung Galaxy M31/A70 smartphone.

Various affected users reported that their Galaxy M31 bricked while installing the latest update. Some Samsung Galaxy A70 users in the country, who received an Android 10 update along with One UI 2.0, also reported similar issues.

According to the latest news on social networks, users reported that they ended up bricking their Samsung Galaxy M31-Samsung Galaxy A70 after installing the latest software update. The users also reported that Smartphones get stuck during the installation process.

Compared to Samsung Galaxy M31, Some users with Samsung Galaxy A70 also reported about the same issue.

Some users also reported the issue on the Samsung Community forums and stated since the smartphone gets bricked while installing the new software, they aren’t able to even perform a factory restore to fix the problem.

However, some users also reported they were able to solve the issue by flashing the Smartphone with the previous firmware version. which is not recommended by the Company as it voids the warranty and failing to flash the software can lead to some serious problem.

Some news also reported that Samsung has stopped pushing the latest updates to users with Samsung Galaxy M31 to avoid the issue.


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