Updated List of Xiaomi devices to receive MIUI 12 update


Updated List of Xiaomi Smartphones to receive the latest MIUI 12 update

The Chinese Smartphone company Xiaomi will be pushing the new version of MIUI this year. According to the series the new version will be named MIUI 12. With the latest MIUI version, Mi users are expecting better experience, new features as well as significant improvements in the existing features. Here, we will be mentioning the features and enhancements that we are hoping with the upcoming MIUI 12 this year.

MIUI 12 features

-> New Icons and Animations: MIUI 12 will be bringing changes to the icon packs and other visuals for a new refreshing look, and this is for sure, Xiaomi has been introducing new icon packs for a refreshed look. We are also expecting new and soothing animations, too, like new options for the in-display fingerprint unlocking animation.

-> Slo-fie (Front camera – Slow-motion support):  You might have heard the term Slo-fie, which is nothing but the term used by Apple for the slow-motion feature supported by selfie camera. Xiaomi may introduce this feature for the Mi and Redmi devices with the upcoming MIUI 12.

-> Improved AI Features: Xiaomi will be focusing on making the device user-friendly, for this several AI features need to be improved. With the new MIUI 12, the ability of the device to understand the users’ usage will get better. This will be helpful in better RAM and battery management.
-> Battery Optimisations: Battery optimization is one of the features which is included in the top priority list of the developers. With the new MIUI 12, we will see better battery optimization for sure.
-> Optimization for 90Hz Refresh Rate: Well, to support the 90Hz refresh rate, the user interface does not need specific changes. But, as you might aware of the fact that 90Hz display consumes more battery juice as compared to the standard screen, which generates the need for better battery optimizations. Better optimization and the ability to alter the 90Hz refresh rates to standard as per the user’s usage will be seen in the new MIUI 12.

-> Application Openings: Application openings have a much smooth and stable opening

-> Recent tab: MIUI 12 has a bottom white bar on Android 10 and iOS. With this bar, you can make a fast change between applications. In addition, recent applications animation has been renewed.

These are some features that will be powering MIUI 12, We have also the list of Smartphones that will receive this update.

-> Xiaomi CC9 Pro
-> Xiaomi CC9E
-> Xiaomi CC9E                                                                                                                                                      –> AndroidMi 10 Pro
-> Mi 10
-> Mi 9 Pro
-> Mi 9 SE
-> Mi 9 Lite
-> Mi 9
-> Mi 8 Pro
-> Mi 8 Lite
-> Mi 8/ Mi 8 SE
-> Mi Note 10
-> Mi Mix 3
-> Mi Mix 2
-> Mi Mix 2s
-> Mi Mix Alpha
-> Mi Max 2
-> Mi Play
-> Mi 5X
-> Poco X2
-> Poco F1
-> Redmi Note 8
-> Redmi Note 8 Pro
-> Redmi Note 7
-> Redmi Note 7 Pro
-> Redmi Note 7S
-> Redmi Note 6
-> Redmi Note 6 Pro
-> Redmi Note 5
-> Redmi Note 5 Pro
-> Redmi Note 5 Plus
-> Redmi Note 4
-> Redmi Note 4X
-> Redmi K30
-> Redmi K20 Pro
-> Redmi K20
-> Redmi 8T
-> Redmi 8A
-> Redmi 8
-> Redmi 7
-> Redmi 7A
-> Redmi 6
-> Redmi 5
-> Redmi Y1
-> Redmi Y1 Lite
-> Redmi Y2
-> Redmi Y3

If you don’t see your Smartphone listed then you can check here is it eligible or not

This the List of Smartphones that will receive the MIUI 12 Update, for future updates on MIUI stay tuned on Android Rookies


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