Update Lenovo S820 with the new International Firmware Version ROW_S223

03 Mar 2015

Update Lenovo S820 with the new International Firmware Version ROW_S223  – Update for Lenovo S820 already rool out, this update has build number S820_ROW_S223_150119, don’t expect too much on this update because this update not make a big change on the user interface but only a little improvement for battery and system.
This guide will provide full image installation for Lenovo S820 4Gb, if you have 8Gb then sorry i still cannot provide you file to download, this guide will install a new operating system to your device and replace your current running firmware, this guide also have possibility to brick your device so please very consider it before following this guide.

Disclaimer :
This guide for educational purpose only, We not responsible if your device bricked after following this tutorial.  (DWYOR). This is for Lenovo S820 4GB for 8Gb there is another file and i will update it as soon as it available.

If you got “UnRecognized ROM Detectd” the solution is use SP Flash Tool v3.1304, tick the preload ↦ click the preload  browse it to target_bin/preload.img

Update Lenovo S820 with the new International Firmware Version ROW_S223

ROM Descriptions :

  • Build Number : S820_ROW_S223_150119
  • Date : 19.01.2015
  • OS : Android 4.4.2 KitKat
  • Languages : Russian , Ukrainian, English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai
  • Google Applications : Include
  • Root : No
  • Type : Full image install using flash tool
Downloads :
  • S820_ROW_S223_150119 1.6 Gb, full image that need to update Lenovo S820 to build number S223
  • SP Flash Tool v5.1352 must be downloaded, because it not include on ROM download above.
  • USB Vcom driver this need to be installed first, without this installed properly flash tool will not recognize your device and progress bar will remains at 0%.
Update Lenovo S820 with the new International Firmware Version ROW_S223 
  1. First thing to do is install USB Vcom driver on your computer, without this driver installed on your computer flash tool will not recognize your device and progress bar will stay at 0%, for installing USB Vcom driver please refer to this below :
    • turn off your device and remove the battery, If you device using non removable make sure that your device is completely turn off wait like 20 seconds after power off the device
    • open device manager on your computer
    • connect your device using USB cable
    • there will be MTK65xx Preloader Devices show on your device manager, PORT section for 5 second or less and then disappear
    • disconnect and connect your device again, right click on MTK65xx Preloader Devices before it disappear, select Update Driver Software 
    • point it USB VCOM extracted folder, and install the driver from there.
    • disconnect and connect your device again, there will be Mediatek PreLoader USB VCOM Port on your device manager PORT section.
  2. After successful install USB Vcom driver now we can start the step to update Lenovo S920, for step by step for update please refer to below :
      • Extract ROM downloaded and the flash tool on then same folder, for easy organize it and flashing it. Go to flash tool extracted folder and run flash_tool.exe. If you are using windows 7 or later please run it using administrator privilege.
      • On the flash tool, please go to Options ↦ Option ↦ Download please make sure DA DL All with Checksum already checked, click X (Close) to back to Flash Tool, this option is very important so please don’t forget it.
        Update Lenovo S820 with the new International Firmware Version ROW_S223
      • Once back to flash tool, now please click on the Scatter-Loading button and point it to ROM extracted folder and the select MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc.txt this will automatically loaded all required images file to update your device, Please wait until flash tool finish processing the image files and become stand by.
        Lenovo S920 Update with the New version International Firmware ROW_S221
      • Change Download option from Download Only to Firmware Upgrade mode, now you can press Download button or hit CTRL+D. Flash tool will initialize the files that add to the flash tool and when finish flash tool will ready to make connection with your device.
        Update Lenovo S820 with the new International Firmware Version ROW_S223
      • When flash tool already finish and stand by, now please turn off your device and remove the battery. Connect your device to computer using USB cable, flash tool will immediately recognize your device and begin to start flashing process, this process will take 5-6 minutes to finish and when you see GREEN CIRCLE in the middle of flash tool that mean flashing process already finish
        Update Lenovo S820 with the new International Firmware Version ROW_S223
      1. Done, you have successful update your Lenovo S920 with firmware version ROW_S223, please confirm it with go to System Setting ↦ About Phone and look at the Build Number it must be same with the downloaded ROM.
      That all, update Lenovo S820 with the new international firmware version, build number S820_ROW_S223_150119, please leave a comments when you got any problems or broken lnks regarding this guide, Thank you
        1. hello andy, i have succesfully flashed this rom, but the surity apps that come with it has firewall function, if i untick that function the data can be used even it has been turned on
          What i need to do? is it ok to remove the security apps?
          if yes how to remove it?…
          if using the firewall it affected some quality of my internet which causing lag during gaming

        1. Can you tell what error message said, usually when you use standard lenovo recovery OTA update can be done without the computer just download from device and do update, it will restt your phone and go to recovery to install the update. So need to know what error message say

      1. Hi Andy,,,
        I was using lenovo s820 with ROW S222 version earlier. when I tried to root it , By mistake i press format in sp flash tool and brick my s820. Than i install ROW 124 version but I lost my IMEI(Invalid IMEI). i installed it via mobile uncle but when i update ROM via OTA, again invalid IMEI found. and i cant root 4.4.2 so cant install IMEI.

        PLZ help me to root or install IMEI in my S820 4.4.2

        Thank You

      2. Hi,
        I get "UnRecognized ROM Detected", but when I try using SP Flash Tool v3.1304 the phone cant connect with the PC. I think this is because there is no battery. I have this problem every time I flash a new ROM with SP Flash Tool v3.1304. When I use SP Flash Tool v5.1352, the battery is in the device, and I have no problem. Can I use SP Flash Tool v3.1304 with battery?

        1. Thank you @Andy Suwito. The ROM works very nice.
          Now I am trying to change the modem and to do so I need to ROOT the device. I have tryed this guide http://bit.ly/1AzIxQe, but I am having problems with flashing the custom recovery. This error (http://postimg.org/image/qzle51hhp/) message appears when I use SP_Flash_Tool_v3.1316.0.150. When I use SP Flash Tool v5.1352.01 this message is shown (http://postimg.org/image/5hfkz1o7r/).
          Is there another way to install the custom recovery, or can I get root access without the recovery?

      3. Hi Andy,
        My phone is lenovo S820
        Build number is S820_S135_130608. (Rooted)
        I want to upgrade. his to the new International Firmware Version ROW_S223. Do you think it will be ok.And what sholud I do first.How can I prepare for this. Please reply me!
        Thanks for your knowledge. 🙂

      4. Hi. Great job on the blog, and especially with the updated comments!

        I keep getting an error after I download and run the OTA upgrade (s222 to s223, 10.89MB). I've downloaded multiple times and still get an error when my phone performs the upgrade. Any idea why? Is there something I can check to ensure compatibility? My phone (4GB) is not rooted, and I prefer getting the OTA upgrade.

        Again, many thanks and keep up the good work!


      5. Hi Andy, I have successfully upgrade my S820 according all above steps last week.. Thanks in advance.
        But today my phone Google Play icon has missing. Showing "Google Play services, which some of your applications rely on, is not supported by your device. Please contact the manufacturer for assistance."
        Seeing your reply soon…. thank

        1. Acxording to the screen shot look like your version is ina version S129, if you want upgrade to international version just follow the above guide, it will upgrade your device to S223 international version but becareful always to backup and prepare for losing Imei and signal strength

      6. Hi, I flash my S820 with the ROM you posted. Where I insert my indon sim, I cant call out and is asking for call barring password. But using other phone the sim works fine.

        Please help with this. Thanks.

      7. Hi Andy!

        I tried everything. I have a 8gb version of s820. I updated my phone trought OTA, but one day it wont start just stuck at lenovo logo.

        I tried flash with the new preloader.bin, its PMT error. if i use the other preloader with the rom, its DVRAM error. If i want to firmware upgrade or format + download, it says format error (4010). I tried to delete __NODL_ from PMT in the scatter file to format, but its not working. I lost hope. I dont know what to do. I tried at least 8 different combination but its not working 🙁

        1. BROM ERROR : S_FT_FORMAT_FAIL (4010) occurs because the given range of memory address is different with the phone memory address layout. And this PMT is locked and you cannot format your phone. By default, the scatter file that you have will not allow sp flash to download the new layout to your phone.
          It hard to fix it and may cause hardbrick on your device so i will recommend to bring your device to lenovo service center
          how about this

        1. sorry for late reply,
          i think there is no, because the problem you had it about partition on your device, and it already ruins usually format will make partition back to default but you said you already format it and it not work

        2. No problem Sir. Probably you will be my saver, so dont mind.
          No i haven't format it yet, i just tried to format it but the format and the firmwire upgrade failed. So if I had a properly scatter file, i could format it. Isn't i?

        1. I am already mention it on the previous comment, how could you mount it as harddisk, sdcard maybe you could but how about the emmc which is device harddisk. Emmc is part of microcontroller, so if you understand about microcontroller maybe you could

        1. Unfortunately CyanogenMod only supports 25 vendors and Lenovo is not one of it. So you are stuck with the current OS.

          I wouldn't suggest rooting the phone either because rooting the phone is easy, it's the unpacking and installing Android OS manually is what bothers most of the users. Unless you are a developer or know one, you shouldn't indulge yourself into this. You may loose your phone.

      8. Hello Mas Andi, i already had upgraded my s820 to this rom.. And runnning well, but problems came out…

        1. My phone cant make any sound from this decive, always mute. I already set as higheat volume but it didnt make any sound.

        2. Google play store ui is out of update and i cant update it to lastest one.

        3. When i install / download apps it always stuck at the end, solution i install purity feom kingroot.net, purity-ed it then it done(baru bisa keinstal).

        I had device from unroot(rom from this article), to rooted and now unroot again… But the problems didnt solve either…

        please help me ;((

        Thanks before

        1. 1. try to factory reset if the factory reset not solve the problem it might be the hardware issue
          2. Install google play store include in this guide and after successful install just update it from the UI.
          3. I think your device is already modified, so try to factory reset first or if you can just re install the firmware and see if the problem still exist

      9. Hi my friend Andy ! Recently I bought a new phone which is a Chinese phone
        Letv One Pro X800, its fast enough comes wid 4GB Ram + SD Socket and I just loved it but how to ROOT and install TWRP on it !!!
        I already unlocked the bootloader via ADB

        1. for root may be you can try one click method root, using kingo root, king root or vroot. most of china phone can be root using these application, and for custom recovery or cwm you must found that match with your firmware if not it will brick your system.
          alternate custom recovery is using flashfire you can download it on google play but your device must be root first. it has function like common custom recovery

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