Unknown hackers hack into Staples servers, steal data of millions of customers


Stationery retailer Staples hacked, hackers steal customer database containing names, addresses, phone numbers, email ids, and the last four digits of payment cards

The world’s top stationery and office supplies retailer, Staples has been hacked and hackers have managed to steal the data of millions of Staples customers. Staples is based in Framingham, Massachusetts, United States, and is one of the largest office supplies retailer in the world with millions of customers.

According to Troy Hunt of HaveIBeenPwned, Staples has started notifying its customers about the data breach. The email says that unknown hackers hacked into Staples servers and accessed the data related to their orders. At the moment there is not much information about it, as the company decided not to publicly acknowledge the incident and alert users by email instead.

Many Staples customers have received an email signed by Staples CEO,  Alexander Douglas that says, “We want to let you know that we detect unauthorized access to a limited amount of non-sensitive information about scheduled orders in Staples.com, which could include data about your orders.”

The email doesn’t point out when the Staples data breach occurred or when it was detected by the Staples cybersecurity team but it does mention that the hackers gained access to customer names, emails, physical addresses, phone numbers, and the last four digits of their payment cards. The email doesn’t divulge how many Staples customers’ data may have been compromised in the hacking incident.

The data breach seems to have only impacted Staples United States customers. Staples Canada and other Staples serviced countries are not affected by the data breach. By not making a data breach announcement and instead email its customers, Staples could run afoul with the U.S. laws which specify that companies have to disclose any sort of data breach.

If you are a Staples United States customer, you should call the company right now at (800) 338-0252 and select Option 3 to get further information.


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