Unknown hackers hack into email accounts of several Norway lawmakers


Norway Parliament hack attack: Unknown hackers hack and steal information from email accounts of several Norwegian lawmakers and Storting staffers

In what seems to be a coordinated hacking attack, unknown hackers managed to breach into the internal email severs of Norway’s parliament. The hackers then went on to exfiltrate data from the hacked email accounts belonging to Norway’s lawmakers and parliament staffers.

Norway’s parliament, also known as the Stortinget or Storting, announced on Tuesday that it fell victim to an extensive coordinated cyberattack that targeted its internal email system. In the announcement, Storting officials said that unknown hackers breached email accounts belonging to Norweigian parliamentarians and staff.

Storting officials said that the threat actors were able to exfiltrate data from many email accounts. The employees and officials affected by the incident have been notified, while the investigation is ongoing.  Marianne Andreassen, the Storting’s administrative director, said that the administration is taking the matter seriously and is focusing its undivided attention on analyzing the situation to get an overall picture of the incident and to assess the potential extent of the damage that may have occurred.

The Storting officials detected the breach a week ago. While the Norwegian legislative body doesn’t know who executed the attack, the administrative director did say that they were able to pick up on the anomalies a little more than a week ago, adding that the institution then took steps “that were effective”.

Andreassen also went on to say that the government needs to constantly cooperate with IT security experts to assess the threat landscape. She added that new measures are being considered continuously in order to bolster the parliament’s security posture.

Storting officials said that they had informed the Norwegian law enforcement about the data breach and the matter was being investigated.


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