Unknown Hacker uploads suspicious documents to WHO, UNESCO Websites


Hacker identified as m1gh7yh4ck3r uploads suspicious documents containing trojan to WHO, UNESCO Websites

As reported by Cyberwarzone.com, a hacker uploaded suspicious PDF files to the websites of several organizations, including the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNESCO. Reports mentioned that the hacker with an online nickname m1gh7yh4ck3r uploaded files to official websites of UNESCO, WHO, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and a Cuban government website.

Well, Georgia Tech and the WHO have removed the suspicious files uploaded by the hacker, but the research says that files are still present on the UNESCO and the Cuban government websites. Talking about the content of the PDF files uploaded by the hacker, the research found files related to online game hacks and hacking social media accounts of Facebook and Instagram.

However, exploration of the files came into the knowledge that the links found in the document point to various hacking services and tools that appear to be fake and can lead users to various types of scammy websites.

Various reports said that it was quite unknown how the hacker posted the files on these top organizations, but it was likely an unsophisticated method considering that the documents were uploaded to domains that appear to be designed to allow users to upload files. The security firms claimed that the attack is said as a low impact attack but if the technique can penetrate some huge domains then it can be highly useful to sophisticate state-sponsored actors.

There have been many malicious campaigns since the start of the pandemic where financially-motivated cybercriminals and state-sponsored groups sent malicious emails impersonating the WHO. Exploiting a vulnerability such as the one leveraged by m1gh7yh4ck3r could have been highly useful to them. For more news on tech and cybersecurity stay tuned on Android Rookies by following us on Google News.


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