United States to ban TikTok and other Chinese origin Apps says Secretary of State Mike Pompeo


The United States Secretary of States Mike Pompeo says they are considering banning TikTok and other Chinese origin Apps  for iPhone and Android

If all goes according to Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo’s plan, the United States government would soon ban TikTok and other Chinese origin Apps in the U.S. The US government is looking to ban the very same 59 Chinese Apps that India had banned in the last week of June 2020.

President Trump’s administration has been a very vocal critic of lax data security and copyright/intellectual property protection standards of Chinese companies. The U.S. has already blocked US companies from exporting tech and software to Huawei for the very same reason. It has also announced a block on the transfer of technology to Hong Kong authorities after mainland China enacted a draconian security law.

Alternatives to TikTok and other Chinese origin Apps  for iPhone and Android

TikTok has been on the radar of U.S. administration for its poor data security policies especially concerning children’s data. The U.S. administration could also announce a ban on the very same 59 Chinese origin Apps including TikTok which India has banned.

In an interview for Fox News, Pompeo explains that a possible ban for several Chinese apps is currently on the table.

“We are taking this very seriously. We are certainly looking at it. We have worked on this very issue for a long time,” he said. “Whether it was the problems of having Huawei technology in your infrastructure we’ve gone all over the world and we’re making real progress getting that out. We declared ZTE a danger to American national security. With respect to Chinese apps on peoples’ cellphones, the United States will get this one right too.”

The decision to ban TikTok and other Chinese origin Apps could come by the end of July 2020. TikTok is very popular in the United States quickly taking over the number one place in app downloads on both iPhone and Android smartphones. And despite being accused of spying for the Chinese government, TikTok, an app owned by Beijing-based ByteDance, always reminded that user data is stored in the United States.

However, there is a long-standing agreement between all the Chinese companies and the Chinese government to share any information that the CCP deems is of China’s national interest. This could mean sharing data stored in overseas countries also.


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