United States offers to finance Brazil’s 5G infrastructure if they keep Huawei out


The United States offers to finance building 5G infrastructure In Brazil ONLY IF they keep Huawei out

The United States vs Huawei fight is well known throughout the world. In fact, the Huawei founder’s daughter and ex-CFO,  Meng Wanzhou could be extradited to face charges in America any day this month by the Canadian court. Huawei is struggling to beat the export ban imposed by the U.S. In fact, it has had to re-release old Android smartphones as new editions as it can’t use Google’s tech like Android, Google Play, YouTube in face of the US export ban.

We have already reported how Boris Johnson led the U.K. government is going to boot out Huawei from its 5G grid in three years. Now comes even worse news for Huawei. The United States government is in active talks with the Brazilian officials to finance their 5G infrastructure with only one pre-condition. KEEP HUAWEI OUT!

According to the reports in Brazilian newspapers,  the US has reportedly offered to finance the 5G infrastructure in Brazil if it buys Ericsson and Nokia 5G equipment in the country. This could be seen as a direct measure to block Huawei’s expansion into South America where most countries use Huawei equipment to power their GSM networks.

The talks happening between the US and the Brazilian officials are no secret as is the wish to keep out Huawei. The US ambassador, Todd Chapman to Brazil told a Brazilian newspaper that it wants Huawei out of Brazil’s 5G. The US ambassador in an interview with newspaper Folha de S.Paulo said that the US was also looking to carry out similar financing projects “in other parts of the world” in order to keep Huawei out. Asked for a reason to not want Huawei, the US ambassador said barring Chinese-made equipment was “a matter of national security and the security of the economy itself”.

The United States will finance Brazil’s 5G infrastructure through the International Development Finance Corporation, a development bank created by the US in late 2018 to counter China BRI, Silk Route, and CPEC which give easy finances to third world countries as long as they buy Chinese services and construction equipment.

Ever since it announced the export ban on Huawei, America has been urging its NATO and other allies to stop using Huawei and China-made equipment in their 5G infrastructure citing security and spying concerns. As of now only Australia and New Zealand have completely barred Huawei while the United Kingdom is on the way to do so. Adding Brazil will be a feather in the cap for the US administration.

“I hope that we will have, here in Brazil, a decision that will satisfy your national, economic, and security interest,” Chapman told the Brazilian press.


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