Udacity launches new Introduction to Cybersecurity course for beginners


Udacity’s new cybersecurity course will provide an introduction to cybersecurity career with hands-on training

With rising cyber threats, there is a growing need for trained cybersecurity professionals. In fact, by 2021 there will be at least 1.3 million cybersecurity-related vacancies. Wannabe hackers and those who are interested in cybersecurity don’t always know how to pursue a career in this field. To help them, Udacity has launched a new course called an Introduction to Cybersecurity.

As the name says, this course will be a nano degree and will stretch only 4 months. Newcomers to the field of cybersecurity will be taught by security pros and will be provided hands-on training. The course is made up of four sections: Cybersecurity Foundations; Defending and Securing Systems; Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Incident Response; and Governance, Risk, and Compliance.

The registration for this course is open to all for seven days till August 11 and costs $1,436 (with discounts for those students suffering hardships). The self-paced program takes about four months to complete at about 10 hours per week.

One of the instructors of Introduction to Cybersecurity is Christine Izuakor, founder and CEO of Cyber Pop-up. She will be teaching Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Incident Response to the newcomers.  “It’s an opportunity for students to go through some real-world projects,” she says. She has also written the Ultimate Guide to a Career in Cybersecurity for guiding wannabe hackers and cybersecurity enthusiasts.

The course will offer the students a chance to work in a vulnerability management module. For example, students use a vulnerability scanner to search the server for flaws.

If you are interested, you can sign up for the new nano degree course here. You can learn more about the course by downloading the syllabus for free by providing your name, email and mobile number.


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