Ubisoft’s new FREE Battle Royale FPS Game- Hyper Scape now available for PCs till 7th July


Forget PUBG and Fortnite, try Ubisoft’s new Hyper Scape, a Free-to-Play Battle Royale First Person Shooter game on your PCs till 7th July 2020

If you are a Battle Royale gaming fan, you never had it so good. After PUBG and Fortnite, comes another Battle Royale game from Ubisoft which is known for its delicate and immersing games. Ubisoft today announced the launch of its own vision of a battle royale game. Hyper Scape.

Hyper Scape is a free-to-play battle royale first-person shooter game set in the distant future of 2054, where up to 100 Contenders descend upon the virtual city of Neo-Arcadia to fight and be crowned champion. The game has been developed by Ubisoft Montreal and has all the elements any Battle Royale game has. It is intense, fast-clipped, and has a vertical map. Players can opt for matches between two teams of three players consisting of friends who want to play together or as solo players.

Hyper Scape also introduces a new intuitive feature called Hacks. Hacks gives players offensive and defensive capabilities and has to be earned. More importantly, all Hacks and weapons can be upgraded through the Fusion mechanic to produce more powerful iterations of the pre-existing item.

Ubisoft also added some twists to the battle royale formula, such as the unpredictable Decay which dissolves the map of Neo-Arcadia into different patterns, or the unique Echo mechanic that keeps players active in the battle even when they’re down. Then we have the Fusion mechanic who can help players become more powerful.

At the end of a Hyper Scape match, the climactic showdown phase starts when the Hyper Scape crown spawns on the map. The end game involves two ways the player or his team can emerge as champions. Either by picking up and carrying the crown for 45 seconds or by being the last player or squad standing.

Ubisoft’s Hyper Scape is now available FREE for a limited-time PC technical test in many territories across North America and Europe. If you are from the U.S. or Europe, you can take part in the technical test by tuning in to one of the content creators currently broadcasting Hyper Scape on Twitch with Twitch Drops enabled. The limited-time closed technical test on PC will end on July 7.

You can join the Tech Test by clicking this link and play Hyper Scape.

For the duration of the closed technical test, only the three-player squad Crown Rush mode will be available, while the limited-time Dark Haze solo mode will be available later during the test. In addition, the test will feature a free 10-tier battle pass, and all progress and items will carry over through future live phases and into the full launch.

The full launch is expected to happen in August-September 2020.


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