U.S. Attorney General William Barr says Apple, Google and Microsoft are collaborating with China


Apple, Microsoft, and Google are “pawns of Chinese influence,” says United States Attorney General William Barr

In a most damning statement against big tech firms in the United States, the Attorney General, William Barr stated that Apple, Microsoft, and Google were willing to collaborate with the Chinese government at a drop of the hat. Barr told the audience gathered at Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Michigan that, “Corporations such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Apple have shown themselves all too willing to collaborate with the (Chinese Communist party).”

Barr also slyly suggested that Apple gives the communist leadership of China access to its much-vaunted iPhone encrypted data while disregarding public interest requests from U.S. law enforcement agencies. Barr seemed to be referring to a scandal in May 2020 when Apple refused to help the FBI crack the iPhone of the Pensacola shooter. Barr told the audience that Apple iPhones “wouldn’t be sold (in China) if they were impervious to penetration by Chinese authorities.”

“The Chinese Communist Party thinks in terms of decades and centuries, while we tend to focus on the next quarterly earnings report,” Barr continued. “America’s big tech companies have also allowed themselves to become pawns of Chinese influence.”

He was also very critical of Hollywood studios. He said that Hollywood has routinely caved in to pressure and censored their films “to appease the Chinese Communist Party.” He was particularly critical of Disney for its double standards. “I suspect Walt Disney would be disheartened to see how the company he founded deals with the foreign dictatorships of our day,” Barr told the audience.

Barr wanted the American tech companies to stick together especially after the enactment of new security law in Hong Kong. “If they stand together, they will provide a worthy example for other American companies in resisting the Chinese Communist Party’s corrupt and dictatorial rule.”

Google, Microsoft, and Apple refused to comment on AG Barr’s statement.


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