Twitter vs Trump: Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and US President, Donald Trump share a phone call


Donald Trump and Mark Zuckerberg share phone call amidst the Twitter vs Trump war

We had shared how Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg discreetly distanced himself and his social media network from the Donald Trump vs Jack Dorsey’s Twitter war. At that time we didn’t know the reason for Mark Zuckerberg backing off from attacking the U.S. President like Facebook always does in situations like these. Now it is learned through reliable sources that the very same day the Twitter vs Trump war was unraveling itself, Mark Zuckerberg and Donald Trump talked to each other over a phone call.

According to Axios blog, the United States President and the Facebook CEO had a brief chat about the issue on Friday even as the Twitter war of words was being played out.

If you remember, Jack Dorsey’s Twitter had started labeling the US President’s tweets as glorifying violence. In response, the U.S. President signed an Executive Order (which can be viewed here) directing the FTC to reinterpret Section 230 which protects the social media networks against the posts by their users.

Twitter has long gotten away from scrutiny due to section 230(c) which allows it to be the judge, jury, and executioner of the content. President Trump’s EO will force FTC to reinterpret the section and make Twitter liable if it bans anybody without pretext as it did earlier.

Coming back to the phone call between Mr.President and Zuckerberg, it seems that the call was initiated by Mark Zuckerberg who described the call as very productive. Zuckerberg distancing himself from the Twitter vs Trump war seems to be an aftereffect of that call.

During the Twitter vs Trump war, Zuckerberg was named and shamed by the U.S. media for not standing up with Twitter as section 230 affects Facebook as well. Finally, Zuckerberg made a post on Facebook explaining his stand.

Twitter has also seemingly backtracked on its earlier opposition to the U.S. President. Yesterday’s tweets by Donald Trump about the riots in the United States were not labeled by Twitter revealing the slackening of the earlier hardened stance by Twitter.


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