Twitter is working on a new tool that counters misinformation dubbed as “Birdwatch”


Twitter Birdwatch is a new feature that the company is working on to counter misinformation

Nowadays people rely on social media rather than the top leading news channels over the globe. And to maintain the trueness of the platform all the social media against are building a new tool to detect this misleading content. Twitter is developing a new product called “Birdwatch,” which the company confirms is an attempt at addressing misinformation across its platform by providing more context for tweets, in the form of notes.

The feature means to show that the Tweets can be added to “Birdwatch” which are then flagged for moderation. The new feature can be spotted in the tweet’s drop-down menu, where other blocking and reporting tools are found today. As the name goes Birdwatch users will see a small binoculars icon to redirect users to a screen where they can view the tweet’s history of notes.

According to various media reports, Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) was the first to spot the feature in early August which shared more screenshots that give a glimpse into how the feature could use crowdsourced data to moderate content on the platform. Through multiple screenshots on Twitter, Wong on Saturday demonstrated how a “Twitter Community” form was generated when a tweet was “Added to Birdwatch”.

It was also known that in her earlier tweet, Wong had also disclosed how the “Birdwatch” feature allows users to add notes to the tweet they were flagging. However, It is not yet clear if the feature will be open to all users, a specific set of fact-checkers, or Twitter’s own band of moderators; it is also important to observe how Twitter plans to restrict the potential trolling that this feature could unleash on the platform.

What are your views on this new tool, do mention in the comment section below. For more news on tech and cybersecurity stay tuned on Android Rookies by following us on Google News.


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