Twitter bans accounts of Anonymous Italy and LulzSec Italy after they start #Operation RevengeGram


Twitter bans Anonymous Italy and LulzSec Italy accounts for starting Operation RevengeGram against a massive ring of pedophile Telegram groups.

Twitter has decided to ban the Italian profiles of the LulzSec and Anonymous hacking group in what seems to a response to Operation Revengegram launched by these two in April 2020. The two Italian accounts of Anonymous and Lulzsec had been tweeting about Operation Revengram and this seems to have triggered Twitter honchos into deleting their accounts.

This is the second time Twitter has acted against the Anonymous hacking group. Only last week it suspended the Twitter account of DDoSecrets for releasing the 2.69GB database of 200 police stations situated across the length and breadth of the United States. This data was allegedly hacked and stolen by Anonymous hacktivists.

What is Operation RevengeGram?

Anonymous hacktivists and LulzSec Italy started the Operation RevengeGram after reports of massive pedophile Telegram groups operating in Italy. Anonymous said they started the operation RevengeGram “to clean the web of perverts and sexual harassers”.

Italian newspapers and websites published the news of the huge network of Telegram channels full of child pornography images used to blackmail young women in April 2020. The hacktivist group in collaboration with LulzSec Italy decide to dox those it found were members of these Telegram channels.

As a part of the campaign, Anonymous hackers hacked into San Raffaelle, Rome Chamber of Commerce, the Italian Digital Agency, the Asmenet public consortium, and a series of universities, all in Italy. One of the dox by Anonymous and LulzSec involved renowned Virologist Roberto Burioni. Anonymous and LulzSec claimed they doxxed only those persons who were involved in the pedophile and revenge porn Telegram groups.  However, the doxxing of Dr.Roberto Burioni seems to have triggered Twitter honchos who decided to ban the Anonymous Italy and LulzSec Italy accounts.

One of the mainstream Anonymous accounts condemned Twitter’s suspension of Anonymous Italia and LulzSec. LulzSec told the Italian newspaper, Repubblica that “They censor us without giving us explanations, but we know very well that not even arresting a natural person stops an idea. Censored one profile we will open others “(Google Translation from Italian),

As of now both Anonymous Italy and LulzSec Italy remain suspended. Meanwhile, the main Twitter account of the Anonymous hacking group @YourAnonCentral is already running a campaign called #OperationDeathEaters against pedophiles and serial sexual offenders like Jeffery Epstein and his cohorts. Anonymous has already leaked the little black book belonging to Jeffery Epstein in June 2020.


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