Twitter and NYT hypocrisy: Exact tweet with same content available on President Trump’s timeline


Twitter and New York Times remove President Trump’s own image in his tweet citing copyright violation! But an exact old tweet in December 2019 doesn’t violate copyright?

The President Trump vs Twitter war continues unabated. However, today Twitter stooped to a new low by removing President Trump’s own image from his tweet citing copyright infringement. The tweet made by President Trump last night was taken down as according to Twitter “it infringes copyright”. The tweet now just shows a “media not displayed” notice after Twitter removed the picture.

Incidentally, the same tweet was tweeted by President Trump on 19th December and at that time Twitter or the copyright holder didn’t have any complaints with it. It seems like the real reason for Twitter and the copyright holder, New York Time’s coercive action is based on the approaching US Presidential Elections to be held in November 2020.

The deleted image in the tweet is given below:

Twitter flags and removes President Trump's own image in his tweet, says it infringes copyright

“This image has been removed in response to a report from the copyright holder,” the tweet now reads. When asked to comment on the issue, the Twitter spokesperson told CNBC “Per our copyright policy, we respond to valid copyright complaints sent to us by a copyright owner or their authorized representatives.”

The image tweeted by President Trump was taken by Damon Winter for the New York Times in September 2015. Twitter says it removed the tweet after receiving a copyright complaint from the New York Times.

Twitter and NYT hypocrisy!  President Trump’s tweet with the same content doesn’t infringe copyright?

President Trump had earlier tweeted the same tweet but neither Twitter nor the New York Times had any issues with it. In fact, the old tweet dated 19th December 2019 is still available on President Trump’s timeline. Of course, at that time the US elections were a far way away and now it’s July 2020 and the elections are due in November 2020.

The tweet was well received by President Trump’s supporters. Michael Goodwin of New York Post even wrote an opinion piece on this particular tweet on the same day.

This half baked copyright infringement claim by Twitter and the New York Times seems another disastrous attempt at hell banning President Trump tweets. Leaving out the politics, even a layman would understand that if it was really a copyright issue, Twitter would have removed content in both the tweets. But, since the old tweet is still available, it looks more like vendetta by Twitter and the New York Times.

Do remember, the New York Times and most of the American press is highly and vocally critical of President Trump. However, such hell banning of tweets is not a good sign for a healthy democracy, neither for the New York Times or Twitter or the American people.


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