Tracking the location of your lost Laptop will be soon become easier than ever


Tile partners with Intel to bring its Bluetooth tracking tech to Intel-powered laptops

Losing your laptop is a big headache. Not only from the point of losing an expensive gadget but from a cybersecurity point of view. A stolen or lost laptop could contain not only your email ids and bank passwords, but it could also contain the sum total of your work. It could contain all your business contacts, your pricing formulas, your videos, and images you wouldn’t normally share with anybody.

Recovering a lost or stolen laptop is not an option as the authorities will brush your complaint under the carpet. Who would spend their costly resources on finding your laptop when there are murders and grand thefts taking place. Right? But by the end of the year, you will have an option to track your Intel CPU run laptop if all things go right.

Tile announces a tie-up with Intel to bring Bluetooth tracking tech to Intel run laptops

Tile has announced it is working with Intel to integrate its Bluetooth tracking tech into laptops and other devices using Intel hardware. If you own a laptop or a gadget using Intel hardware, the Tiles technology can help you easily track your lost/stolen laptop/gadget. Basically, Bluetooth-powered tracking tags can be tied to various objects and located via Android or iOS apps. Tile tracking tech requires no internet connection. So, in other words, if your laptop got buried under a big pile of clothes, finding it would be easier then before.

Tile’s tracking works using Bluetooth Low Energy, allowing your smartphones to recognize and connect to Bluetooth tags. Tile already has products like Sennheiser Momentum headphones using the Bluetooth tracking tech.

Once the Bluetooth tracking tech is activated on a gadget, the Tile app on your phone is connected to a product. It will be able to alert you to the location of that device and sound an audible alarm to help you find it.

How will Tile Bluetooth tracking tech help you if your laptop is stolen?

Finding a lost laptop in your own house is no problem for Tile tech. The technology goes a step further, allowing the Tile network of users to locate lost items. If you leave your laptop in a coffee shop and the staff put it behind the counter, your Tile app would tell you that the last location your phone saw the laptop was at the coffee shop and you can go back, tag it through Bluetooth and find it.

If someone steals your laptop you can still trace it using Tile technology. How? You can alert the Tile network about your missing laptop. The Tile network or ‘community find’ mode running on any other smartphone can report when it detects the lost laptop. You will be anonymous to other Tile users and at the same time, all Tile equipped smartphones will work towards finding your stolen laptop.

The Tile-Intel collaboration will begin with the first Intel product – HP Elite Dragonfly and will begin rolling out in late 2020.



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