Top Working Torrent Sites For You During Corona Lockdown


The best and top working torrent websites you can use to download movies, TV shows and other media

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Its lockdown and quarantine time world over and the world’s top torrent website has been shut down for over a month. In absence of good alternatives torrent downloaders tend to visit unsolicited torrent websites and unwittingly download malware.

ThePirateBay.or or TPB was the default go-to torrent website for millions of torrent downloaders but sadly it has been missing in action since the mid-week of February 2020. The Pirate Bay outage coincides with the COVID-19 lockdown in almost all countries and torrent downloaders are left harangued. In these times of uncertainty, torrent downloaders can be left with no choice but to visit unwanted websites and get malware into their smartphones or computers.

To help you guide through the maze of malware minefield of torrent websites, we have compiled a list of WORKING TORRENT WEBSITES which you can use to download your favorite movie, TV show, game or software. Some of the sites we have listed may contain unsolicited popup ads but these websites are relatively safe than the random torrent websites.

Most Popular Torrent Sites (domains) For Downloading Movies, Games, TV Shows and Software

1337x This website is available in worldwide right now. In India, you have to use a VPN to access this website.

RARBG This website caters to movies, TV shows, games, and software downloads and is available without VPN. Very nice and simple torrent download website with a simple U.I. Available without VPN.

RuTracker Russian language torrent downloading website. You can translate the content in Chrome to download your favorite Movies, TV shows and games. Available without VPN

Rutor Nice torrent downloading website. Available only through VPN.

Torrentz2 Is the replacement of a once-popular torrent website which shut down 3 years ago. It is available without VPN but has a bad habit of popup ads just like ThePirateBay. If you are looking for a torrent website to download your favorite movie show EZTV is the goto website. The only drawback is it does not have full season downloads of the TV shows, so you have to download the individual episodes. Not available without VPN.

LimeTorrents One of my favorite torrent downloading websites, LimeTorrent has a very simple UI and a very powerful search engine. Though it is not available without VPN in many countries due to ISP level block.

Tamil Rockers One of the best websites to download the latest Hindi movies torrents. Though the quality of the movies is not so good but watching such movies on smartphones isn’t a bad idea. Available only through VPN.

Torrentdownloads Another very good torrent download website though available only through VPN.

Game torrent download website

If you are into gaming, you should check out the torrent website called Fitgirl Repacks for cracked versions of popular games. Do remember, the games can come with hidden malware as packing a malware is very easy in a cracked game. Such malware can steal information from your smartphone.

Most of the above torrent websites are available free if you use a VPN. You can use my guide on how to use a FREE VPN here.


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