Top secret project to bring Word to Ubuntu Linux is successful without WINE, cloud, or GNOME on WSL.


Linux developer successfully runs Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel independently on Ubuntu Linux 20.04 without WINE, GNOME on WSL or Cloud support

Microsoft Windows operating system has Word and Microsoft Office while Linux has Libre Office. LibreOffice has emerged as the top alternative to MS Office with full Linux support. In fact, LibreOffice is the go-to productivity suite for Linux users.

While LibreOffice is a top-notch productivity suite, many Linux developers have over the years tried to bring the MS Word and MS Excel to Linux but none of the projects have been entirely successful. If they were successful, they needed WINE or GNOME on WSL. Or they could be run on the Cloud.

A Linux developer, Hayden Barnes has apparently succeeded in bringing MS Word and Excel to Ubuntu Linux 20.04. And he has achieved it without the usual WINE, remote/cloud, or GNOME on WSL support. Barnes posted the videos of both MS Word and MS Excel successfully on a Ubuntu Linux 20.04 PC.

Barnes says that both the Microsoft programs ran stably on his Linux system and both applications are “very usable.” But he remained tightlipped on the method he used to run MS Word and Excel on Ubuntu.

“Word on Ubuntu 20.04. Very usable on an i5-6300U with just integrated graphics. It is not WINE, remote/cloud, or GNOME on WSL. It is something else I put together. Next, I plan to add working file associations,” he says.

Microsoft Word on Linux through Virtual Box Mode?

Barnes replied to the Twitter queries that he can’t divulge details about how he managed to get Word on Linux. But he did confirm that he is running Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel in a container on Linux. He also told another Twitter user that he is running MS Word and Excel locally without any web app or cloud computing. Barnes also said that the App he was running had his Microsoft credentials hardcoded.

Does it seem that Barnes is rendering MS Word and MS Excel on Ubuntu Linux using the GTK3 Widget and Windows VM in a container? Or is it being run through Seamless Mode in VirtualBox?

Barnes has all the answers but he is not saying anything. Barnes has been working with the Ubuntu Dev team so if he is successful in bringing Microsoft Office to Ubuntu, expect some big changes in Ubuntu Linux’s next upgrade.


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