Top Instagram Star Hushpuppi arrested for a whopping $430 million cyber scam


Famous Instagram star Hushpuppi aka Raymond Abbas arrested for a $430 million Cyber Scam

What is it with these TikTokers and Instagramers? Last week we has a teen TikToker committing suicide and there was an explicit video leak of another teen TikToker. And now the famous Instagram star, Hushpuppi with a whopping 2.4 million followers, was arrested for a whopping multimillion-dollar cyber scam.

Raymond Abbas aka Ramoni Igbalode who operates an Instagram profile as Hushpuppi was arrested by FBI in a raid conducted on his apartment on June 10th,2020 for involvement in a $430 million cyber scam. Raymond Abbas; real name is Ramoni Igbalode and he is a Nigerian who lived in a swanky bungalow in Dubai, UAE. Abbas lived a lavish lifestyle on private jets and fancy vacations and boasted about it in his Instagram account. He also had 50+ Facebook hushpuppi profiles which always listed a different country.

It seems that Hushpuppi was linked to the Nigerian prince who was arrested last week. We had reported how a Nigerian businessman named Obinwanne Okeke aka  ‘Invictus Obi’ was caught by the FBI. Invictus Obi has already pleaded guilty to defrauding the tractor maker Caterpillar of $11 million through a business email compromise (BEC) fraud and is awaiting sentencing.

From the facts available, it seems that Invictus Obi snitched on hushpuppi big time. The video of his arrest was released by the Dubai Police on Friday.

Hushpuppi and his associate Woodberry were caught by the US law enforcement agency in association with a police team led by Brigadier Jamal Al Jalaf, of Dubai CBI when he was sleeping in his luxury apartment. The U.S. FBI says that Hushpuppi and Woodberry operated a gigantic cyber scheme of duping online users through fake websites of renowned banks and companies and stealing their funds from their respective bank accounts in fraudulent ways.

The Dubai police recovered 13 luxury cars, 21 laptops, 47 high-end smartphones, sale deeds of some luxury apartments and estates, some precious metals, $40 million cash, and a data trove of over 2 million email addresses of victims stored on different phones and laptops in the raid.

Raymond Abbas used his Instagram profile and Facebook profiles to flaunt his lavish lifestyle and lure wannabe victims by promising them a piece of his billionaire lifestyle. Abbas will be extradited to the United States. He is also wanted for committing fraud of millions in Europe and Nigeria.

Abbas was a small-time clothes dealer in Lagos and scammed his way with Instagram and Facebook to emerge as a billionaire property developer in Dubai. He used his profile Hushpuppi to encourage his 2.4 million followers to not give up and strive hard to make it big.


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