Top Five Google Android 8.1 Features(Oreo)


Android Smartphone Latest Update Oreo(Android 8.1)

The Basic need for today’s generation is getting new things and using them in a different style. Same way Android users get bored by using same Android versions and Features. Google never fail’s to impress its Android users and throws a new version with amazing features. Every new Android version contains some unique quality so does Oreo have i.e it’s UI, Now let’s have a look at Google’s latest Android version 8.1

Top 5 Features of Google Android 8.1(Oreo)

The Google’s Latest Android version 8.1(Oreo) contains a number of Security bug fixes, UI changes, new wallpapers, multiple features which are developer friendly and much more. In this article, we will guide you to the top features of Google’s Android 8.1. The Top features which made the users to handle their Android smartphone:

1. New look to power menu

The power menu pops up in the center when you long press the power button with the new update, power menu now appears on the side of the screen. This feature is good for the people who have a habit of using the smartphone single-handed and also for big smartphones like Pixel 2/2 XL.

2. Bluetooth battery level

In this feature, the user’s Android smartphone once connected to a Bluetooth device will show the battery remaining percentage of the Bluetooth device in Quick settings. This feature is very useful for the user as they can know how much battery is remaining on their device.

3. Navigation bar revamped

The Android 8.1 update makes the navigation bar look compact with smaller icons and there is an auto-dimming feature now that automatically lowers the brightness of the home, return and recent button when the phone’s screen is not touched for some time.

4. Keep WiFi on during sleep option removed

Google has removed the ‘ Keep WiFi on during sleep option’ from Android Oreo 8.1 this time. According to an Android Police report, Google has removed this option from 2017 Pixels also. This means your device will be connected to WiFi while your phone is on. This also means that you will have to charge your phone frequently as it will slowly drain your phone’s battery juice.

5.  Settings UI changed

The new update revamps the Settings application and it looks pretty much similar to what is seen in Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. There’s a new White-coloured navigation bar with dark icons and search bar dominating the toolbar at the top.

These are top five major updates that are developed in Google’s Android versions. The Features are user and as well developer friendly to use the Android smartphone. Suggest us in the comment box if we missed any.


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