Top 5 Rooting Apps to Root Android without PC


Rooting is the process in which some security restrictions are lifted from the Android OS and thus users of the rooted device get a freehand on installing all kind of apps regardless of their performance and behavior. In addition, rooted Android devices offer improved performance (more unlocked RAM) and many other features as well. Please remember that rooting isn’t recommended for basic users and you should not attempt this action unless you are expert enough and aware of its circumstances. If rooting goes wrong, then it may end up in a bricked Android device or you may lose your data.

If you are ready to root your Android phone or the tablet, then here are the top 5 free rooting apps that can be used to root an Android device. The best thing about this apps is that you don’t need to use your PC for this and these standalone apps can root your device.

#1. Kingroot

Kingroot is one of the best rooting apps and this app has the highest success ratio across different brands. We have used this app to root some Samsung devices successfully and you can try as well. If your device is supported by Kingroot, then you will be able to root it in the first attempt, otherwise, you can submit a report of the failed attempt and wait for at least 24 hours (without uninstalling the app). Check back the status after 24 hours and your device should be rooted until then.

#2. Root Master

Root Master is yet another app to root Android devices without using PC. You can download the app for free and can install this to attempt the rooting process. A lot of other Android users out there are getting successful results and we hope that it successfully roots your device as well.

#3. Framaroot

Framaroot is yet another handy rooting app and it proves to be working when most other apps fail. This XDA thread talks about the process of rooting with Framaroot and you can try your hands on Framaroot in case you didn’t have any luck with Kingroot and Root Master.

#4. Baidu Easy Root

This is a Chinese app and it has the potential to root your device where many other apps fail. At first, you may find its UI confusing but a few searches on the web will get you a lot of helpful tutorials where you can learn how to use Baidu Easy Root to root your device.

#5. Instant Root

This app is the last one in our list of top 5 root apps and if none of the above-mentioned apps succeeded in rooting your device, then you can try Instant Root. We are confident that this app will do the trick if all others failed.

Do you have any other app to suggest that has better success ratio than the ones that we mentioned? Don’t forget to share in comments and we will include it in our list of the best rooting apps to provide Android users a better list of working apps.


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